Why Are Gay Bars Shrinking?

The internet is taking gays out of the bars and onto their smartphones. While we use to go to Gay Bars to meet and greet, today there are apps like grindr and jack'd not to mention untold hookupsites like adam4adam and manhunt all giving us option after option…

Why Are Gay Bars Shrinking?


"And that is not the end of gay culture as such; just the end of what we knew as gay culture, and its isolation from the mainstream. We asked for this. And there are …andrewsullivan.thedailybeast.com/…/why-are-gay-bars-shrinki…"

A spokesperson for the gay porn tubesite RocketTube stated that apps have even had an impact in that industry.  Can you imagine?  What is this world coming to?

Josh Dixon – 1st out olympian?

I think we all know there have been plenty of gay olympic gymnaists on the rings before, but Josh Dixon may very well be the first "out" gay male to represent the United States and the historic event.

San Jose Athlete Could Be 1st Openly Gay Male Gymnast On US …

Josh Dixon Olypics

"SAN JOSE (KCBS) – If Josh Dixon makes the cut at the US Olympic team trials in San Jose on Thursday, he could also make history as the first openly gay male …beta.local.yahoo.com/news-san-jose-athlete-could-1st-openly-…"

You can bet we'll be tuned in and routing for Josh! 

GLAAD knocks out Chuck Norris

GLAAD deals a knock out blow to Chuck Norris who thought he was giving it to Obama for preaching a pro-gay agenda within the Boy Scouts of America while failing to realize his own Candidate, Romney, has said all boys regardless of sexual orientation should be allowed into the scouting organization.

Gay activists take swing at Chuck Norris for Boy Scouts diatribe

“Gay rights activists say Chuck Norris is guilty of a political double standard: He portrays Obama as orchestrating a pro-gay agenda, but supports Romney.”


 Take that Chuck Norris!

The independent vote for Obama

4 in 10 Michigan independent voters say they are less likely to vote for Obama after announcing his support of gay marriage.

Poll: Obama's support of gay marriage opposed by independents …


"A new poll shows that President Barack Obama's support of gay marriage does not help him with Michigan voters – who, on the other hand, do back adding …MLive.com"

Will other polls show shifts with independents away from Obama?  What are your thoughts?

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie

Brad Pitt and Agelina Jolie to marry in England due to stance on gay marriage equality.

Gay rights advocates Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie reportedly to …

“HOLLYWOOD’S most glamourous couple are not marrying in the US.”

After having held out on being married for sometime in efforts to raise awareness, we wish Angelina and Brad the best and hope for their every happiness.  We are sure they will continue to raise awareness for marriage equality.

Uganda changes tune

Updating a story we posted on GayAgenda.com last week, Uganda now seems to be easing anti-gay efforts after robust internationl criticism…

Uganda says gays now free to meet

“Responding to growing international criticism of anti-gay efforts in Uganda, the … on illegal immigration and is pressing his jobs agenda before Hispanic leaders.”

This is really great news and a testament to grassroot efforts!

Republics warm to gay marriage

As public opinion changes over gay marriage even republicans need to stay relevant even if the tide moves at a snails pace.

Republicans slowly warming to gay marriage

"Opposition to gay marriage is declining across the country. Among Republicans, is the same true? Yes; it's just a much slower progression. And Obama's …"

The question of if gay marriage will be allowed in the US isn't a matter of "if" at all.  Its a matter of "time" only.

Gay Group Endorses Romney

GoProud, a gay organization "enthusiastically" endorses Romney.  That's just FUBAR…

Gay Conservatives Group Endorses Romney


"Despite his recently-announced support for gay marriage, not all gay rights groups are showing their love for President Obama. GOProud, a group for gay …"

What do you all think of this?  Can you think of any justification for a gay group to be so gung ho about getting their endorsement into the public eye this early without even trying to pressure or persuade Romney to stand up for gay rights and equality?


Religion and Gay Marriage

Reverand Patrick Cheng, a queer theologian, seminary professors and ordained minister shares a beautiful testiment on why same-sex mariagge is a beautiful manifestation of God’s grace.


Religion and Gay Marriage: The Amazing Grace of Same-Sex …

“Love — whether same-sex or opposite-sex — is a manifestation of God’s amazing grace precisely because it cannot be planned or earned. Love is not just a …”

Dr. Cheng offers a powerful and heartfelt reflection that I’d love to hear your own comments on.