Advice: Labels Don’t Matter

Most curious guys or gals when figuring out their sexual orientation tend to focus too much on labeling themselves.


I personally caught myself one day, and asked myself this one simple question, “Does labels really matter?”, which helped me come to terms with my own sexuality.  Let me take the time to introduce myself to you since this is my first post on  For the past two years, I’ve been blogging about masculine bisexual and gay guy’s issues.  I’m going to discuss those same issues that are close to me and also discuss issues relating to the entire LGBT community.  I’m a masculine gay dude in my mid-twenties living the life in USA.  Yeah, I didn’t reveal my name since I’m still semi-closeted so call me Gay Dude USA or (GDUSA) for now.  I used to consider myself bisexual until I realized that I was into guys more.  Yeah, I guess u can call me gay even tho I hate being labeled.  I feel that as a society we let labels get to us.

I’ve spoken to many guys who consider themselves bisexual but struggle with that label.  Gay guys sometimes ignore you online if you say that your bisexual because they feel you are going through a phase.  Gay stereotypes tend to get in the way of some guys accepting that they actually like men more so they call themselves bisexual.  Bisexuality does exist and it is okay to be attracted to both men and women.  Most likely you will be attracted to one sex over the other but you might still keep an open mind.  Bisexuality is not just a phase!  Please stop saying that because there is such a thing.  You can be very stable and like both sexes maybe more than the other.  Even though once again it’s only a label.

What if I find a really hot girl attractive?  hmm am I still gay?  Yes, I still find certain woman attractive.  If I ever did meet a girl and we connected of course I’d consider dating her.  I do find myself spending the rest of my life most likely with a guy though.  Okay, so I guess that’s where I can call myself gay then.  Why am I even labeling myself?  We label ourselves way too much.

Today’s Advice: Don’t rush into giving yourself a label and coming out in public though until you are sure.  This is a very personal thing and you probably want to be comfortable with your feelings before announcing it to the world.  Just explore your sexuality and it’s okay to not label yourself right away.  What’s the difference if you are bi or gay?  You’re still the same person that you were before you started becoming curious with your sexuality.

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  • July 19, 2012 at 2:14 am

    I love your site! Thank you for sharing these wonderful articles.
    Sexuality is a socially constructed concept. Labels are both innecessary and very difficult to give yourself or give to other individuals because of the complexity of the issue.

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