American Family Radio Hard of Hearing

Right-Wing Pro-Family Radio Network Blames Gays for Disasters

Last week, former pastor, law enforcement officer, and Doctor of Divinity Buster Wilson, general manager of American Family Association (AFA), blamed Hurricane Isaac on the GLBT revelers who descended on New Orleans for their annual Southern Decadence Festival. Wilson said on AFA live call-in program of a network of more than 180 radio stations broadcasting Christian-oriented programming, that “there seems to be a pattern of LGBT-welcoming places like New Orleans and San Francisco experiencing frequent natural disasters such as hurricanes on the Gulf Coast and the “most devastating earthquakes in American history.”

Not Alone in His Johnny One-Note Sentiments

Instead of viewing the influx of 120,000 GLBT people yearly to Southern Decadence as a boost to the New Orleans’s economy recovering from Katrina and now Isaac, other pastors such as The Reverend Grant Storms continually fight against Southern Decadence. In 2005, the Reverend John Hagee said that Hurricane Katrina was provoked by Southern Decadence. Is this akin to God flooding the Earth to punish sinners before he made a Covenant with Noah to build an ark? (See The “Gays Get The Blame For Hurricane Isaac,” August 31, 2012).

GLBT Population Must Repent their Ways!

This past month, Bryan Fischer, the American Family Association’s Director of issue analysis for government and public policy of “traditional moral values” in media, declared that “children of gay parents should be kidnapped for their own protection. They must be saved!” As if his statements weren’t extreme enough, he earlier that month, warned “Big Gay Activists” who oppose Chick-fil-A’s anti-gay views that they were destined for Hell and therefore must read the Bible and they need to try to believe it because it’s going to have a bearing on their souls one day.”

On his daily Focal Point radio talk program on AFR Talk, Fischer told his ultra-right audience that Congressman Todd Akin of Missouri was right: that “bodies of women victims of “legitimate” rape can automatically prevent getting pregnant all by themselves. According to Fischer, a Stanford University graduate, “genuine” rape makes it impossible to conceive.” Tell that to 32,000 women who get pregnant yearly through rape!

More Shock Jock Than Howard Stern of Sirius Radio

What makes the rhetoric of these evangelistic pastors so shocking is they actually believe what they are proselytizing. It’s hard to listen to their take on traditional family values when all you hear is static.





2 thoughts on “American Family Radio Hard of Hearing

  • September 8, 2012 at 2:23 am

    well the good news is that Grant Storm, the infamous anti-decadence peeping terrorist was just convicted of masturbating in a public park near young children.

    Another interesting tidbit, is that in Katrina, Rita, Gustav, Ike, and Isaac, not a single gay bar was destroyed, a few had leaks etc, but none were destroyed…. Christian Churches on the other hand have not fared so well. Almost 500 churches (between those five storms) were damaged to the point of total destruction or being rebuilt from the foundation up.

    Same with the Joplin Missouri (and other) Tornadoes. The mid-west Flooding from the ice melt into the Mississippi.

    Also the heat wave in Texas is killing the crops and livelihoods of all those good Christians hell bent on eradicating the Gahyyyyss…

    I think Jeebus is angry, but not at my fellow gays…

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