Hanging with Wyatt O’Brian Evans

Wyatt O'Brian Evans

Looking for a great book with a gay erotica twist that also presents realistic, deep and non-stereotypical characters?
Author, actor and activist Wyatt O’Brian Evans‘ new uncensored update to 2009′s Nothing Can Tear Us Apart is now available. Nothing Can Tear Us Apart: Uncensored is the exciting and compelling story of Wes and ‘Tonio – two masculine men of color (one African-American, one Latino) who confront daunting obstacles and struggles which jeopardize their monogamous relationship.
Sounds like a good read? It is. I am almost halfway through it (with some peeks at the final chapters to prepare for the interview) and have no plans to put it down.… more

5 Hottest Straight Allies for LGBT Rights

Ben Cohen

To many of us, it is evident that the only way the LGBT community will gain full equality is with our straight allies championing our cause. Fortunately, a long list of heroes have stepped forward – many of whom bring fans, followers and friends into our fight for rights. And, fortunately for us, some are smoking hot actors, athletes and brave teenagers. Here’s our compilation of our top hot straight and powerful allies:
1. Ben Cohen
The British former rugby player has stepped up to the plate with the founding of his StandUp Foundation, which “stands up” against bullying and homophobia in sports but also works tirelessly with other populations as well.… more