2 boys voted ‘Cutest Couple’ at NY High School

Photo Courtesy of Carmel High School
The senior class at a suburban New York High School voted two boys as ‘Cutest Couple’ this year. Carmel High School seniors Dylan Meehan and Brad Taylor started dating each other a year ago.
“Yeah, our friends are giving it to us about being Internet famous,” said 18-year-old Dylan Meehan, a senior at Carmel High School.
“We’ve never had any problems at all,” added 17-year-old senior Brad Taylor. “As a matter of fact, before the results, people were telling us ahead of time, ‘You guys are going to win hands down.’”
However, officials were concerned enough that they checked with the boys and their parents before the “cutest couple” selection was memorialized in the yearbook.… more

Youtube Coming Out Videos Debate

I’m sure all of you have looked at coming out videos on Youtube at some point. Each day somebody who is gay, lesbian, bisexual and/or transgenered submits videos to share their stories with others. These videos help out many kids or even adults who are dealing with coming out. You have a choice to watch these videos or not. The people who are submitting these videos get a lot of feedback either positive or negative. I would like to share with you all one of the negative feedbacks from somebody that is straight.… more

Soccer player Robbie Rogers comes out

Robbie Rogers, a professional soccer player decided to come out as gay and quit the sport. At the age of 25, he was released from the Leeds United last month and explained why he quit soccer on his website.
“Now is my time to step away. It’s time to discover myself away from football. It’s 1 A.M. in London as I write this and I could not be happier with my decision. Life is so full of amazing things. I realized I could only truly enjoy my life once I was honest.… more

Weatherman Sam Champion Engaged

ABC’s Good Morning America Weather Anchor and Editor, Sam Champion, is officially engaged to his longtime boyfriend.

Sam Champion is the latest of big names to publicly announce that he’s officially gay and getting married.  This weekend, MSNBC’s news anchor Thomas Roberts married his partner Saturday in NYC.  CNN’s Anderson Cooper officially came out as gay during the summer.  There’s a trend for well known television personalities to come out and/or announce their engagements.
Champion is engaged to his longtime boyfriend, Brazilian-born photographer Rubem Robierb.
“We’re getting married New Year’s Eve in Miami,” the 51-year-old weather guru told The Times of his engagement to Rubem.… more

Bisexuality Exists

Bisexuality does exist and is celebrated throughout the world each year. Every year on September 23, Bisexuality day is observed by members of the bisexual community and their supporters.

There is a flag dedicated to bisexuality. The colors of the bisexual pride flag are pink, purple and blue which represents the community in unity. We usually only see the gay pride flag which represents all colors of the rainbow.
Bisexuality is romantic or sexual attraction or behavior toward males and females. Most who call themselves bisexual like both sexes close to equally and it’s hard to give up one sex sexually.… more

LGBT vs. Straight PDA

Marine Kiss

No matter what your sexual orientation is, you want to show affection to your significant other even when you’re out in a public place. Many homosexual couples get nasty looks often and are told to stop when they are in a public place. Straight couples tend to get away with doing whatever in public even if they are kissing intensely.  Why is it that when straight couples kiss or hug each other in public nobody complains or tells them to stop?

I guess you all know the answer to this question but it’s just annoying to think about.… more

Amazon Founder Gives $2.5 Million


Amazon.com founder Jeff Bezos and his wife have pledged $2.5 million to help a campaign that supports passing a same-sex marriage referendum in Washington State on the November Ballot.  Mr. Bezos, quickly becomes one of largest financial backers of marriage equality around America.

Quotes courtesy of the New York Times article:
“To get this from a straight, married couple sends a powerful message that marriage is seen as a fundamental question of fairness,” Zach Silk, the campaign manager for Washington United for Marriage, said Thursday in an interview.
Bill Gates and Steven A.… more

Boy Scouts Vote for Homophobia


The Boy Scouts of America announced it would continue to deny membership to gay scouts and scout leaders on Tuesday, saying the policy would protect the rights of families that prefer to address issues of sexuality in private.

This week, ended a two-year evaluation by the organization of their policies relating to gays being allowed to join which led them to reaffirm their decision.  They had both sides weigh in on the issue including celebrities, CEOs and Boy Scout activists.  This was a huge first step for the LGBT community even though gays still can’t join because the Boy Scouts of America did decide to look into the issue.  You never know if in the future with more pressure on the organization they might have to change their policies.… more

Advice: Labels Don’t Matter

Most curious guys or gals when figuring out their sexual orientation tend to focus too much on labeling themselves.

I personally caught myself one day, and asked myself this one simple question, “Does labels really matter?”, which helped me come to terms with my own sexuality.  Let me take the time to introduce myself to you since this is my first post on GayAgenda.com.  For the past two years, I’ve been blogging about masculine bisexual and gay guy’s issues.  I’m going to discuss those same issues that are close to me and also discuss issues relating to the entire LGBT community.  I’m a masculine gay dude in my mid-twenties living the life in USA.  Yeah, I didn’t reveal my name since I’m still semi-closeted so call me Gay Dude USA or (GDUSA) for now.  I used to consider myself bisexual until I realized that I was into guys more.  Yeah, I guess u can call me gay even tho I hate being labeled.  I feel that as a society we let labels get to us.… more