FRC Shooter Did Not Act Alone

Since I started blogging in 2006 not a day goes by that on one or more of the “popular” LGBT blogs or websites rhetoric is written regarding the Family Research Council, AFA, NOM and any other group or individual which is to be seen as anti-LGBT in one form or another. The same can be said in other forms of LGBT media including terrestrial and satellite radio and video presentations on YouTube and the like.

These articles, postings and opines go well beyond the act of reporting news and events, often over the top with as much hate and venom spewed as those they condemn.

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Bisexual or Pansexual Am I ?

When you’re less than a month away from being 59 years old you’d think by now one would have figured out how to identify oneself.

Since the puberty age hit, albeit at the time I didn’t know there was a name to give to my identity, I knew I liked both the gals and the guys.

Looking at the photos in the girley magazines was as much of a turn on as the guy(s) I was jerking off with, oft leading to more than just a herky-jerky session. And doing the ladies has always been as enjoyable.

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Military Draws Transgenders

Psychologist George Brown, a veteran of the U.S. Air Force and a former member of the Department of Veterans Affairs has written a new research paper as a followup to his 1988 study of men who enter the military either who are effeminate or have gender identity disorder to “man up” and often take some of the most dangerous assignments or military roles available.

The 1988 study involved only 11 individuals, three who had not been in the military and eight of who were veterans, Department of Defense employees, or service members at the time.

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It’s Marketing Not A Social Agenda Stupid

I can remember when the slogan for AMTRAK was “there’s nothing like a train”.  How far we have come since those days of innocence in marketing a train, a form of travel and what constitutes “a family”.

That was when AMTRAK was marketing itself as a more relaxing, less hurried way to travel across the USA and in particular a way for families to share a once in a lifetime experience as they glide upon silver rails across the heartland, through mountains and see things which can’t be seen by driving or flying overhead by plane.

So it is that AMTRAK has started its latest marketing campaign this time geared towards same-sex parents and their children.

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