How to meet guys in a digital age


The other night I was talking to a friend of mine who was telling me this story about how he was at his friends house and his boyfriend just rocked up unannounced. He was saying that it was really weird and I agreed. Then on second thought I said “You know, before mobile phones it was completely normal to just rock up at peoples houses unannounced”. It got me thinking about how mobile phones have completely changed a lot of the ways we interact. It wasn’t long before I started applying the thought of how technology had changed things to my own situation.… more

Ty joins Gay Agenda

gay pride flag australia

Hi Guys,
I’m Ty Curious and I have just joined the crew at . I have got to say that I feel very privileged to join such an amazing group of writers. I thought I would start off my first post by telling you a little about myself . I’m a 27 year old Gay Blogger from Australia.
My friends often refer to me as being “The Worst Gay” because I am unlike any other gay person they know. For me being “The Worst Gay” has been kind of difficult. I’ve often found it hard to fit in with groups of gay guys.… more