LGBT Homeless in San Francisco just the Beginning


The San Francisco Chronicle reported this weekend the results of its twice-yearly report on its homeless population. Among other results, over a quarter of respondents—29%—self-reported being lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender. This year was the first in which the survey included sexual orientation, and has been very eye-opening for a city well-known for its gay pride.
San Francisco isn’t the only city in the U.S. who has experienced this high number of LGBT individuals living on the streets. Across on the opposite coast New York City has been dealing specifically with homeless LGBT youth.… more

2 boys voted ‘Cutest Couple’ at NY High School

Photo Courtesy of Carmel High School
The senior class at a suburban New York High School voted two boys as ‘Cutest Couple’ this year. Carmel High School seniors Dylan Meehan and Brad Taylor started dating each other a year ago.
“Yeah, our friends are giving it to us about being Internet famous,” said 18-year-old Dylan Meehan, a senior at Carmel High School.
“We’ve never had any problems at all,” added 17-year-old senior Brad Taylor. “As a matter of fact, before the results, people were telling us ahead of time, ‘You guys are going to win hands down.’”
However, officials were concerned enough that they checked with the boys and their parents before the “cutest couple” selection was memorialized in the yearbook.… more

Pay With Pride


Paying with Pride.
Now there is a new way to pay that shows you have PRIDE! A new vibrant, bright, gay rainbow payment card is available for those that want to pay with pride! You see, Pride is about far more than a day of parades and parties, it is a state of mind, a state of living that you carry around with you everyday, so why not show that pride with something useful and handy to have – the new Pride and Gay Street Debit Visa cards.
These Debit Visa cards give you all the perks of both a credit card and a checking account – but without the fees – regardless of your credit standing.… more

Bill Protecting Religious Freedom Passes Arizona House


Senate Bill 1178 Passed the House of Representatives with a 32-24 Vote
Last Wednesday, May 15, 2013, the Arizona House passed a measure that would offer further protection for the religious liberties of its state citizens. The bill seeks to strengthen religious freedom in the state by predominantly giving all “impending” religious liberty violation, as opposed to a violation which has already taken place. The measure also expands the definition of exercise of religion to specifically include both the practice and observance of religion.
Will Bill Hurt Small Business?
The bill passed despite opposition from civil liberties groups who are afraid that the measure will inspire lawsuits over alleged First Amendment violations.… more

Church of Scotland Accepts Gay Ministers.

The Church Of Scotland's General Assembly

The Church of Scotland‘s ruling general assembly has voted to allow congregations in Scotland to admit gay ministers, if they elect to do so, in a radical departure from more than 450 years of history and ending a four year long argument.
The ‘gay ministers’ issue has dominated discussion within the church for some time after an openly gay minister, Scott Rennie, was selected to lead a parish in Aberdeen in 2009.
The general assembly rejected a motion which would have made gay ordination – solely for ministers in civil partnerships or who are celibate – the default position of the Church of Scotland, by 340 votes to 282.… more

Pride Events Scheduled Around U.S.


From May to October, 2013
While Pride has been traditionally associated with the month of June, some cities are starting as early as Memorial Day weekend and culminating in mid-October during Columbus Day weekend, coinciding with National Coming Out Day.
For a more complete listing, please see
Atlanta, Georgia Aquarium, October 11 (kickoff Party), Pride Festival, Piedmont Park Festival Grounds, October 12-13.
Boston Pride, Festival at City Hall Plaza, May 31-June 9, 2013.
Chicago Pride, May 24-25, 2013 and June 22-30, 2013
Dallas Pride Festival, September 14-15, 2013
Denver Pride, Civic Center Park, June 12-16, 2013
Houston Pride, Montrose, June 21-30
Key West Pride, June 5-9, 2013
Las Vegas Pride, Clark Co.… more

Is there such a thing as a mainstream gay?


Could we be seeing the birth of a long list of mainstream gay’s on the TV sets of the United Kingdom? It certainly seems that way, not only is there the obligatory gay character in every single one of the main soap operas on British television, but also a raft gay people proliferate the schedules elsewhere. No sensible drama is considered complete without a gay or lesbian character, without them, it just does not seem authentic. Light entertainment has always bought gay people to the attention of the mainstream audience, never more so than present times, just look at the success the delightfully camp and savagely witty Graham Norton is having with his BBC One prime time chat show if you want evidence.… more

No Need For Marriage Say Gay Pop Star

Marc Almond

UK openly gay pop star Marc Almond has caused some controversy with an interview in the London evening newspaper the Evening Standard questioning why gay people want to get married in a church that hates them. He also believes that its wrong to expect religious organisations to modernise.
During the Evening Standard interview, the singer that first found fame with 80′s pop combo Soft Cell claimed he did not feel the “need” to enter into a civil partnership or marriage with his lover. “I think a civil partnership or a register office marriage is a modern, sensible thing to do,” he said, “So you have something in law that means that when you die some greedy relative doesn’t come out of the woodwork and grab your chattels.… more

Embrace Your Past


”Never forget where you come from but strive for a place you have never been.”  — Nishan Panwar
How many times have we heard people lament their past and wish they could blot it out of their memories forever.  I know I have done it.  I look back and just cringe at some of the things I did!
The nice thing about life is that we can decide to not dwell on the past and live in the moment and move on to bigger and better things.  The past is past; we cannot change it no matter how hard we try.… more

Youtube Coming Out Videos Debate

I’m sure all of you have looked at coming out videos on Youtube at some point. Each day somebody who is gay, lesbian, bisexual and/or transgenered submits videos to share their stories with others. These videos help out many kids or even adults who are dealing with coming out. You have a choice to watch these videos or not. The people who are submitting these videos get a lot of feedback either positive or negative. I would like to share with you all one of the negative feedbacks from somebody that is straight.… more