We Are Not Islands That Stand Alone


We are born unto this world as unique individuals. As we grow older we are taught the requisite skills that induce us to leave our families and embark into the world on our own, and to live our lives. During our lifetime we make countless choices; both trivial and life changing. Many people go through life thinking they are in control of their destiny and that they are islands in a sea of people that stand alone and separate from the influence of others, and the forces of nature and the universe.

In reality, however, we are not islands that stand alone. We may be unique but certainly not fully independent. We are not self-sufficient. We do not exist in a vacuum. We must rely on employers to pay us so we can buy food, shelter, and care for our families. We also rely on others to provide services to us and to help with our day-to-day tasks.

When we have problems many people think they can work through them on their own. While many do, it is always easier when you have someone else to bounce ideas off and to get advice on what should or should not be done. A psychiatrist or some other professional many times can help us see things more clearly and understand options that we cannot realize because we are so enmeshed in the mechanics of the issue.

In a more spiritual sense, we sometimes need others to help us facilitate changes within ourselves that we cannot do alone. There are folks out there with special gifts and all we have to do is ask for help and the right facilitator will appear to do that which is required at a particular moment in our lives.

In my 20’s there was a time when I was so depressed over my sexuality and fast coming to the realization that I was gay. I knew deep inside that I was not destined to have the life that fairy tales are made of. There would be no wife, no kids, or any of the things that go along with the traditional concept of marriage and family. This wrought so much havoc on my psyche that I did consider the unthinkable; I would take my own life and end it all.

What made me change my mind? What was it that stirred inside that allowed me to think more clearly and to think about what I was about to do? Yes, one would say that we humans have the innate ability to reason and think but what force allows us to reason and think for ourselves? Evolution of the species is an option but it is much more than that. It is grounded in a concept that many people cannot understand or want to understand. It is the spirit within us and the connection to the powers of the universe that guide us toward the path we are supposed to take but only if we make a cognizant choice to awaken and want to make the right choices necessary to move us forward.

Looking back on this instance and others in my life I have awakened to the influences of others and know the unseen power of the universe has brought me to a safe landing in calmer ports. Evolving to where I am at this point in my life, I now realize that my life was being guided and watched over by benevolent forces that I could not see or understand. For that I am eternally grateful and will not disappoint those that have placed their faith and trust in my ability to make the right decisions necessary to move forward to become the complete person I am supposed to be.

Many people never awaken to the power to change their own lives by tapping into a higher stream of consciousness. It is the power that induced me to not take my own life and eventually come out and not live a lie any longer. It is the power that gave me the courage to dispel most aspects of my fabricated life from spirituality to politics to how I perceived others in the context that was molded by someone else’s interpretation of how I should live my life. I awakened to the possibilities and the many opportunities in life only because I realized that I did not exist independently of the force of the universe that binds us together and creates a cohesion among us to do great things.

Free your mind to explore things that you never thought to explore. Delve within yourself with the help of capable facilitators that have gifts to unlock that which you cannot unlock on your own. Decide to travel to other people’s islands and get a feel for what others think and do and align yourselves with like-minded islands to create an unstoppable force of nature that can withstand any calamity or adversity that may arise.

No, we are not islands that stand alone.

Discover Who It Is That Follows You

I am currently reading a book by DLuis Meyer entitled, “Coming Out in New York City.”  As I was chugging along through the book, I came to a chapter where DLuis’ main character talks about the feeling of being followed and how he would turn around and there would be no one there.  He eventually comes to the conclusion that it was HE that was following him; his own persona was in pursuit.

As I continued to read, I had to put the book down and reflect upon this statement that DLuis made.  A light went on inside of my head and I realized that maybe I was supposed to read this book now, at this point in time, because it truly meshes with what I am currently experiencing at the moment, in this journey of self-discovery and enlightenment that I am on.  I have had the book for literally a couple years now, but never read it.  One day, I picked it up from a pile of unread books, from the bottom of the pile in fact, and began reading it.  I have been enmeshed with the many messages of personal growth and self-discovery that DLuis’ main character experiences in his journey of coming out.

This book and my interest in the character’s personal reflections certainly segues into what I have been experiencing of late.  I have had an intense compulsion within my gut to broaden my self-reflection and discovery to a more intense level, through meditation and reparative healing (a.k.a. past life regression).  I have enlisted the guidance of two well know community leaders that specialize in each of these areas and will soon begin this new journey to discover who it is that follows me.  I believe it is the many manifestations of my very soul that have manifested in human form through the ages that are still with me in some form or fashion that guide my decisions; whether for good or bad, they are still with me.

Why this interest in discovering who follows me?  What purpose will it serve in this current form to know who my soul has been in the past?  I have always had a desire to delve within through meditation but never really gave any serious thought to reparative healing and how it would help to answer many questions I have or explain why I do what I do or have the feelings I have.  It is the pursuit of more enlightened thinking and an awakening of my consciousness that leads me to this next level of self-discovery and reflection and hopefully to connect things together, not necessarily to change how I am but to more fully understand how I am and what I do.

I firmly believe our souls are in a perpetual cycle of growth and evolution. It manifests repeatedly in order to fulfill a mission that may have been unfulfilled. To learn a lesson that was unlearned, or to impact someone’s life that was not impacted. For whatever reason, our lives are not our own. They are not a happenstance occurrence in the universe.  However, while we are living the current manifestation, some of the issues we experience can create undue confusion and concern, until the day we awaken and realize that it was all part of a grand scheme of existence and overcoming challenges that transcend many of our human existences.

In order to more fully explain what I am talking about, I shall provide some examples, some of which I have never told to anyone, not even my closest confidants but I feel it necessary to now divulge some of these issues I have faced in my life because I now realize that much of what I was doing was clearly the residual remnants of lives gone by.

First, I have always had an intense sexual drive, even in my youngest days before I knew what sex was all about.  Things would stir in me that I could not explain.  Sex and all its consequences have been a very big part of my life,and still is, and it has created situations that could have seriously jeopardized my reputation in my budding career and  with other people and how they looked upon me.  It was at one point in my life an addiction where I could not control what I was doing and the only thing on my mind was getting off wherever and however the method would be.  It caused me to not focus on things I should have been focusing on and created such a meandering, helpless feeling within, that it almost destroyed me.

I always thought this was directly related to my being gay and repressing my true identity for so long, that it created unhealthy sexual practices that could have seriously impacted my life.  But looking back on those days now, I can see it was much more than that.  I firmly believe that one of my past manifestations was a very sexually aggressive person and their sexual drive has carried over to this current form.  Maybe they were also a very homophobic persona who is now learning what it was actually like to be queer and what trauma they created in other people’s lives.  Who knows.

Another example I can pinpoint is that how the natural environment and its power has a draw upon me that settles my mind and and relaxes me, and I spiritually connect with being in the woods, listening to a stream, the birds, watching deer romp and all that comes along with it.  Could I have been at one time a Wiccan prince or princess?  A witch maybe?  Who knows.

A third example is my writing.  I love to write, and I seem to draw upon a power that brings forth words and thoughts from my head to the computer or paper upon which I am writing.  I myself, sometimes am in awe of what comes forth from my brain and say, “that certainly is not me that is writing this.”  Could I have been a writer in a past life, who wishes to continue that practice in this life?  Who knows.

These questions, along with some others, have gnawed at me for years and years, and created such anxiety and blissful peace within me simultaneously.  I believe we all need to heal and repair ourselves and reconcile the many components of our past lives that are carried forward into this current form.  My goal in doing this more intense self-reflection is not necessarily to change what I do or what I am, as I have learned to live and deal with much of what I have been challenged with, but it is more to understand it all and tie it together in order to move forward with what I need to do with the rest of the years I have.

We all must reach into our past, the past that we cannot see or comprehend, in order to discover who it is that follows us, impacting our lives, and that which has to be overcome in order to move forward in this current manifestation of our existence.

I would encourage you to delve deeper into your psyche and try to understand what it is that makes you tick.  Awaken yourselves to the possibilities and keep an open mind.  Yes it might be scary.  I certainly have some apprehension in doing what I am about to do, but I feel it is a necessary and logical step in my progression forward to becoming the best person I can be, and to be the person I was born to be to its fullest.

The Great Gay Migration – Suze Orman Urges Gay Couples to Move for Marriage Equality

Love Wins: Respect For Marriage Finds Federal Support – But Which States Are Most Supportive?Love Wins: Respect For Marriage Finds Federal Support – But Which States Are Most Supportive?

“People ask, ‘What’s the big deal about being married,?’ When it comes to insurance, estate benefits, pensions, it’s really important that this happens on the federal level, not just the state level.”

– Suze Orman

Financial consultant, author and CNBC TV personality Suze Orman recently told the press that gay couples should put their money where equality lives—so much so, that they should move to pro marriage equality states.

In March of this year, Orman voiced her opinions on the MSNBC program “Now With Alex Wagner.”She’s concerned about the livelihood of herself and partner Kathy Travis (Orman often affectionately calls her “KT”), and she wants to defend the rights of committed couples everywhere.

Sharing the platform with Congressman Sean Maloney (the first openly gay congressman from New York), Orman broached the topic earnestly, saying: “Here’s the thing…gay people understand very well that when they get married, that is a legal document. And when you get married, that means if you don’t want to stay together anymore, then you are going to have to go through a serious divorce.”

She continued, “I care about every single gay person out there. I care about every single straight person out there that knows somebody who’s gay.”

“Currently I am a resident of Florida … and I would be more than happy to go and move. I have substantial wealth.  I pay substantial taxes… I would be more than happy to move to New York or California if I could get married and be recognized on a federal level, because I want to live in a state that validates me, and I would validate them with my money.”

As a Fort Lauderdale, FL resident, Suze Orman made her comments before Section 3 of the  Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) was declared unconstitutional by the US Supreme Court (thereby no longer preventing the federal government from recognizing marriages of same-sex couples). Her words continue to reverberate in the community.

Federal and state agencies still have to be about the business of enforcing the overturned law, trying to standardize what it means in terms of state-to-state protections, and engendering the transition throughout the US in terms of granting benefits and myriad other legal rights for couples.

Activists continue to encourage LGBTQ people to vote with their dollars and embody their feelings through proactively standing a stand. Though Florida has no state income tax, Orman told the press a move could still save her millions of dollars, so she continues to ponder moving to a state that’s more supportive for gay couples, such as California.

“KT is not for that, just so you know,” Orman recently told The Huffington Post. “I really think that it is…important that all of us support states that support us.”

So what’s next for LGBTQ legally married folks? Do we stay in less progressive states and fight for our own benefits where we live, or move to places where we are afforded more legal protections?



Illogical Arguments against Same Sex Marriage-Opinion


This morning I stumbled on Bishop Harry Jackson’s July 3, 2013 guest blog on the Christian Post website Wounds of This Generation Can Harm Children.  Bishop Jackson is a senior pastor at Hope Christian Church in Washington, DC.  He is also the presiding Bishop of the International Communion of Evangelical Churches, a network of more than 1000 churches around the world.

As an LGBTQ advocate and psychologist with expertise in research, lifespan development and human sexuality, my feathers still get ruffled when I read this type of faulty argument in support of denying the rights of same sex couples to marry and raise children.

In his blog Bishop Jackson mentioned the consequences of “father abandonment.” He stated  “Children who grow up without their fathers are more likely to be poor, use drugs, commit crimes, drop out of school and commit suicide. The marriage debate has become so focused on the desires and demands of various groups of adults that we have forgotten the legitimate needs and terrible suffering of children.” Then he attempts to support his position by referencing the lyrics of a rapper and another musician who both grew up without fathers.

Decades of psychological and sociological research support an increased risk of drug use, criminal behavior, low education achievement, and depression for children who have been abandoned by their fathers. But let’s focus on the concept of parental abandonment. It refers to someone who by expected by assumed biological parentage and law to be involved in the life of a child. Research has looked at the impact on a child of having had a father active in their lives that later withdrew their emotional, physical, and/or financial support.

So how does this research about the impact of children being abandoned by a father have any connection to whether we allow gays, lesbians, and bisexuals to get married and raise children? It doesn’t.  Allowing same sex couples to get married provides an opportunity for any children they adopt or conceive via artificial fertility technology to have two parents would like love and nurture them.

When same sex couples, married or not adopt a child, they are adopting a child that has already been abandoned by both of his or her biological parents. Adopting such a child and providing them with emotional, physical, and financial support lessens the risk of all of possible outcomes of parental abandonment.

When same sex couples have a child using donor sperm, donor ovum, or both; the child is born into a two parent family.  Research has not examined the impact of not knowing who your sperm or ovum donor was and whether it has any type of impact on the child. When a father or mother abandons a child, the child feels there must have been something bad about them that made the parent leave.  How can a child feel shame and worthlessness about a sperm donor not knowing that he or she even exists?

Bishop Jackson goes on to say that the debate about same sex marriage will affect future generations of adults in terms of their thinking about marriage and parenthood. He supports this position by mentioning “two decades of social experimentation in Scandinavia-since legalizing registered partnerships and gay marriage in Scandinavia, an overwhelming number of adults have simply stopped bothering to get married in the first place.” [Note: Registered partnerships in Scandinavia: Denmark 1989; Iceland 1996; Norway 1993; and Sweden 1994.  Same sex marriage in Scandinavia: Denmark 2012; Iceland 2010; Norway 2009; and Sweden 2009.

Bishop Jackson ends his blog with “The looser we make the definition of marriage, the fewer people will feel bound to its obligations and constraints. And while broken relationships can hurt adults, they can destroy children.”

Since the 1970’s the divorce rate of opposite sex couples in the United States has continued to climb. More than half of first marriages end in divorce. The rate of divorce of second and third marriages is even higher.  The research on divorce supports the part of Bishop Jackson’s conclusion about broken relationships hurting adults and destroying children.

Now let’s get back to the topic of same sex marriage. Vermont was the first state in this country to grant same sex partnerships in 2000. Massachusetts in 2003 was the first state in this country to legalize same sex marriage. Connecticut in 2008 was the second U.S. state. So the divorce rate for opposite sex couples was already high thirty years before same sex couples were ever recognized in this country.

We really do have a lot of work to do.

US Radio Pastors Blame Gay Kiss For Colorado’s Wild Fires

How can the so called religious right be oh so wrong? I could hardly believe the headline that two pastors in the US state of Colorado have blamed a single kiss between two men for the devastating Colorado wildfires.

Could it really be true that the pastors, supposedly being messengers of god really be saying the cause of the fires was god’s wrath over seeing a newspaper picture of two guys kissing. It had to be a joke didn’t it? But nope, apparently it’s true, speaking on Generations Radio, pastors Kevin Swanson and Dave Buehner, blamed God’s wrath over the Colorado Springs wildfires, on recently approved civil unions legislation and abortion law for the fires.

Swanson also went on to blame the cover of The Denver Post newspaper, which featured State House Majority Leader Mark Ferrandino, kissing his partner, for the wildfires. Buehner said: “Like the very first day [of the Legislative session], was to pass that civil union bill, which is an uncivil bill.”

Swanson responded: “When you have a state where the House leadership is performing a homosexual act on the front page of the Denver Post two months ago? Does God read the Denver Post? Do you think He picks up a copy of the Denver Post? He gets it. God gets the Denver Post.”

Buehner went on to say that the state should be grateful that God “hasn’t destroyed the whole state yet”, “as an act of grace”. I couldn’t believe it, it would make my blood boil and incandescent rage envelope my whole body were it not so utterly ridiculous and nonsensical. The more I read the report of what these two men of god spouted the more incredible it seemed and I wondered for their sanity, no I’m not being cruel, I really mean that, are they sane, really? The pair went on to blame “metrosexual” men for not growing out their facial hair, and wearing “fairy shoes”, and feminist acts like wearing hats, for going against God’s word.

These man obviously have little respect for their ‘god’ if they think he would kill thousands of animals, a dozen humans and ravage thousands of miles of land, just for a kiss, between two guys on the cover of a newspaper or the idea that same sex couples should be allowed to get married, what an evil, vindictive god he must be and certainly not the god I recognise from the scriptures.

On one hand it makes me laugh that these guys are so deluded and mentally deranged, yet it also makes me sad that there will be people out there, listening to that radio show believing every word of it simple because its said by a couple of pastors. It is equally sad because, such stories reach far beyond America’s borders and what sort of message is it sending out? Not one that reflects well on the US that’s for sure!

Insane Courage

I recently saw a post on Facebook that impacted me in a way that I didn’t think about when I first saw it.  However, when I started to think about it more and related it to my life in its current form, it became an amazing revelation.  The post from Facebook, “All you need is 20 seconds of insane courage and I promise you something great will come of it.”

As most of you know I have recently resigned my position as City Clerk for the City of Oneonta.  My last day will be July 12th.  After thinking about this quote I saw on Facebook, I realized that it took all but 20 seconds to go into the City Manager’s Office and give him my resignation – 20 seconds!  That 20 seconds it took to give him my letter of resignation has resulted in a raging fire of motivation and excitement that would never have happened if I did not muster up those brief moments of insane courage to do what I needed to do and what I had been thinking about doing for so long.

While I was undergoing the agonizing process of deciding to leave my job that has provided me with that false sense of security we all have from being somewhere for so long, I had at the same time, been in discussions with Wrestling Superstars Live (WSL) about becoming it’s “Charities Initiatives Coordinator” with the ultimate position being the “Director of Live Events.”  That decision to become part of WSL, solidified my decision to leave my day job, and venture forth to uncharted areas and a totally new direction for my life.  Twenty seconds was all it took to begin that new direction.

I will always remember the day I resigned.  It is emblazoned in my memory now forever.  It was like someone was behind me pushing me forward to do it.  A voice kept saying “It is time.  It is time.  Do it now.”  The compulsion to get up out of my chair and bring my letter into the City Manger was incredibly intense; a feeling unlike I had ever experienced before and one that I could not resist no matter how much I tried.  I know I was not alone in my office that day.  There were forces beyond my cognizant awareness that were pushing me forward to do what I have known I had to do for a very long time.

We must always put faith in forces unseen, and to trust our intuition.  Our intuition is grounded in the universe and it’s incredible power to change the world, but more importantly our own small piece of the world for the better.  The missing link to actually changing the world is our desire to accept the power and to tap into it with no holds barred.

Life is full of risks and pitfalls but our fear of failure and trying to prevent adverse impacts on our lives from taking a risk will doom us to a life of mediocrity and listless ambition.  Take charge of your lives and heed the internal voices that compel you to do something outside of your comfort zone.  Do not settle for a life less than what you deserve.

Will others try to instill you in a sense of doubt?  Yes.  Will others try to play on your fears, and make you feel guilty and have second thoughts about your decision?  Yes.  Should their opinion matter when it comes to your life and your happiness?  The answer is a resounding NO.  Repel these people, and do not listen to them, no matter how much or how loudly they proclaim your foolishness.  Do what is in your heart, as it is what is best for you.

We are only on this Earth a short while to make a difference.  Do not allow yourself to be swayed by the opinion of others because rest assured, if you do listen to them you will eventually be an old person looking back on your life with a lot of regrets for not following your heart and blazing your own trail to greatness instead of living someone else’s expectation of what you should be.

Make a decision that is for your benefit.  Do not let that important and very pivotal 20 seconds pass you by and not take the opportunity that lays within it to change your life beyond your wildest imagination.

2 boys voted ‘Cutest Couple’ at NY High School

Courtesy of Carmel High School

Photo Courtesy of Carmel High School

The senior class at a suburban New York High School voted two boys as ‘Cutest Couple’ this year. Carmel High School seniors Dylan Meehan and Brad Taylor started dating each other a year ago.

“Yeah, our friends are giving it to us about being Internet famous,” said 18-year-old Dylan Meehan, a senior at Carmel High School.

“We’ve never had any problems at all,” added 17-year-old senior Brad Taylor. “As a matter of fact, before the results, people were telling us ahead of time, ‘You guys are going to win hands down.'”

However, officials were concerned enough that they checked with the boys and their parents before the “cutest couple” selection was memorialized in the yearbook.

Congratulations to Carmel High School for being accepting of the LGBT Community. Share your thoughts in the comment section.

Half A*s Attempt by Boy Scouts for Equality


Allows Gay Members, but not Adult Leaders

The Vote Itself

On May 23, 2013, the Boy Scouts of America voted to allow gay youth to join Scouting.  Sixty percent were in favor of this historic vote that overturned a twenty-two year-old ban on openly gay Scouts.

More than 1,400 voting members of the organization’s national council in Texas voted.    Delegates voted on whether openly gay boys and teens should be allowed to participate in scouting.  The meeting, at which more than 2,000 Boy Scout leaders and officials attended, concluded on May 24th. The new law goes into effect January 1, 2014.

History of Boy Scouts’ Boycott

The issue of gay Scouts has divided many people.  In 2000, the Supreme Court ruled that the Scouts could legally bar homosexuals from being troop leaders.  A gay Scout leader, James Dale, who was dismissed in 1990, was at the center of the case.

The California Supreme Court in 1998 heard a similar case of a gay scout, Tim Curran. Curran took a male date to his senior prom.  He sued The Mount Diablo Boy Scout Council that later barred him for scouting activities.  The California court ruled for the Scouts.

Diverse Opinions About Gay Inclusion

Many conservatives are upset at the vote’s outcome.  About 70% of all Scout Troops are run by faith-based organizations: about 37% are Mormon, 10% Methodists and 8% Catholic.  The Mormon Church, the largest supporter, has said that the change will not affect its support for Scouting.

A Washington Post-ABC News poll released May 9 found that 63% of Americans support allowing gay Scouts to join and 56% believe openly gay adults should be allowed to serve as Scout leaders.

Boy Scouts of America Statement

“While people have different opinions about this policy, we can all agree that kids are better off when they are in Scouting.”

53% of Americans Support Gay Marriage In Recent Survey

Gallup’s Third Consecutive Reading of 50% or Above over Past Year

May 2-7 poll by Gallup suggests that U.S. support for marriage equality is solidifying above the majority level.

Findings Very Different From 3 Years Ago

Three years ago, only 44% were in favor of gay marriage.  In 1996, only 27% of Americans supported same-sex marriage.

Highlights of the Poll:

  • Nearly all U.S. subgroups are more likely to favor gay marriage now.
  • Democrats, Independents, and liberals show increasing support for gay marriage, well above the majority.
  • Republicans, conservatives, and moderates more likely to favor gay marriage now.
  • Left-leaning political groups in last 3 years responsible for percentage increase.


Sixty-nine of Democrats believe in 2013 that gay marriage should be legal as opposed to 58% of Independents.  Only twenty-six percent of Republicans favor gay marriage.

Younger Americans are more likely than older Americans to favor same-sex marriage with the breakdown as follows:

  • The highest percentage of approval comes from 18 to 29 year-olds.
  • Fifty-three percent of 30 to 49 year-olds favor gay marriage.
  • Forty-six percent of people, 50 to 64 year-olds favor gay marriage.
  • Forty-one percent of sixty-five and older adults support gay marriage.

When asked their impression of how most Americans feel about the issue, 63% say the public is opposed to gay marriage when in effect, most support it.  Only 30% say the public favors it.  This finding suggests that a segment of Americans who support same-sex marriage believe that their views are in the minority, but they’re really in the majority.

Americans Are Not Convinced that Gay Marriage has Societal Benefits

Only 19% of Americans believe legalizing same-sex marriage will change society for the better.  But this figure is up from 10% in 2003. Forty percent say that legal gay marriage will have no effect on society or will make it worse (39%).



Is there such a thing as a mainstream gay?

Could we be seeing the birth of a long list of mainstream gay’s on the TV sets of the United Kingdom? It certainly seems that way, not only is there the obligatory gay character in every single one of the main soap operas on British television, but also a raft gay people proliferate the schedules elsewhere. No sensible drama is considered complete without a gay or lesbian character, without them, it just does not seem authentic. Light entertainment has always bought gay people to the attention of the mainstream audience, never more so than present times, just look at the success the delightfully camp and savagely witty Graham Norton is having with his BBC One prime time chat show if you want evidence. The equally camp and slightly more risqué Alan Carr wows the younger and considered more edgy audience with another chat show, this time on Channel 4. One of the UK’s most popular and enduring quiz/panel shows, running for eleven series and still going strong is QI is hosted by the openly gay legendary and dare I say ‘national treasure’ Stephen Fry.

Gay and lesbian folk are popping up literally everywhere, each series of talent shows such as Britain’s Got Talent, The X Factor and The Voice all have their fair share of queer folk. We’ve even seen Coronation Street actor Antony Cotton not only appear as a camp campmate in I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here, but also on Celebrity Mr and Mrs with his husband. Rylan Clark a contestant on The X Factor also went on to win Celebrity Big Brother on Channel Five, which of course is hosted by the vicious flamboyant Brian Dowling, himself a former winner of the show.
Other notable and highly visible figures populating the TV schedule include Channel 4’s king of fashion and now turning his hand to cooking, the charming effervescent Gok Wan. Dragon’s Den and Money Programme’s Evan Davis along with the incredible Clare Balding are perhaps, as The Guardian newspaper rightly points out, are noticeable for the brilliance of what they do rather than for the way they were born.

Now raising that visibility to ‘in your face’ level is a new prime time situational comedy called ‘Vicious’ that centres around the domestic life of a endearingly camp older gay couple who fire ferocious barbs and patulous putdowns at each other at the end of every sentence. ‘Vicious’ stars Frances de la Tour, Sir Ian McKellen and Sir Derek Jacobi so it packs a punch no other sitcom could ever hope to achieve and, so early audience figures would suggest, has a mainstream audience in the palm of its hand.

I personally found the first episode to be well judged, beautifully timed, absurdly sharp and the perfect pastiche of a classic domestic sitcom. Although I can quite easily see how some could be offended by the portrayal of the older gay gentlemen, gentle doesn’t come into it! Indeed, there are some in the traditional ’queer activists’ brigade gunning for the show because of these characters or caricatures, perhaps they have a point, but thankfully the gay characters of ‘Vicious’ are not the only ones on telly these days.