Couples Can Wed Again in California


Proposition 8 Struck Down
What is Prop 8?
Proposition 8 in California is the voter-approved law that limits marriage to one man and one woman that was passed in 2008.  In 2010, Prop 8 was declared unconstitutional by Judge Vaughn Walker because it limited marriage to only opposite couples thereby denying gay and lesbian Californians their basic rights.
Judge Walker’s decision was challenged by a group of citizens who put Prop 8 on the ballot. A federal court ruled that this group did not have legal standing to challenge the law.  Hollingsworth vs.… more

The Little Engine Who Could: Edie Windsor


The Woman Who Sued the United States and Won!
“I think I can, I think I can” must have been Windsor’s motto as she led an uphill battle that lasted five years, and culminated in a U.S. Supreme Court decision that struck down the federal law DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act) that regarded marriage as a union only between a man and a woman.  But in terms of her strength,  Edie Windsor’s  impact on gay rights in the U.S. was  (like Superman) “as strong as a locomotive.”
Auspicious Beginnings
Edith Schlain was born eighty-four years ago in Philadelphia.  She briefly married a man, divorced , and moved to New York City “to be gay.” A math and computer whiz, Edie worked at I.B.M.., one of the few women at the heart of the revolution in programming.  She was closeted at that time, but did ask a friend “if you know where the lesbians go, please take me.”
The First Meeting
On Friday evenings, Portofino in the West Village was a hangout for gay women.  It was here that she met Thea Spyer, a wealthy Jewish emigre from Holland, who was a psychologist and violinist in 1963.  Four years later, they began what turned out to be “ a very long engagement”( the title of a documentary about Edie and Thea).… more

Kids in Grade School May Know They’re Gay

Child rainbow

Pew Research Center’s Landmark Survey Shows Coming Out Sooner
The just-released Pew Survey reveals that kids as young as ten sense they are GLBT.  For greater anonymity, the survey was done online to attract a wider range of participants who were asked when they first knew they were gay and when they first told a close friend or relative. (Of course, closeted gays are reluctant to participate in a survey, thus eliminating a greater population).
Gender-Different Responses
On the average, male respondents said they suspected by the age of ten, knew at age 15, and told a friend or relative at age 18.  Female respondents, however, sensed it at age 13, knew at 18, and told someone at 21.… more

2 boys voted ‘Cutest Couple’ at NY High School

Photo Courtesy of Carmel High School
The senior class at a suburban New York High School voted two boys as ‘Cutest Couple’ this year. Carmel High School seniors Dylan Meehan and Brad Taylor started dating each other a year ago.
“Yeah, our friends are giving it to us about being Internet famous,” said 18-year-old Dylan Meehan, a senior at Carmel High School.
“We’ve never had any problems at all,” added 17-year-old senior Brad Taylor. “As a matter of fact, before the results, people were telling us ahead of time, ‘You guys are going to win hands down.’”
However, officials were concerned enough that they checked with the boys and their parents before the “cutest couple” selection was memorialized in the yearbook.… more

Two Ways You Can Support GLBT Youth This Week


October is Anti-Bullying Month
In deference to October as anti-bullying month, glaad, The Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation is sponsoring Spirit Day on Friday, October 19th.  On that day, millions of Americans will wear purple to speak out against bullying and to show support for GLBT youth.
Why Purple?  It represents spirit on the rainbow flag.  Participants will either wear purple on Spirit Day or change their social media profile pictures to purple using GLAAD’s Spirit Day apps available at “By going purple for Spirit Day, millions of Americans are helping to send a clear message that no one should be bullied simply because of who they are,” states GLAAD President Herndon Graddick.… more

Rick Santorum Thinks Gays Are So Powerful!

Santorum gay agenda

The Ex-Senator, Rick Santorum, seems to think we;  our little gathering  of gay and lesbian people are a lot more powerful than even we thought we were,   he thinks we have to the power to overthrow the entire religious establishment. But,  not only that,  he seems to think we can destroy the entire human race by ending families and smashing to pieces over two thousand years of marriage by simply living under the same laws as everyone else!  Gosh,   we’ve got some power then huh Rick.

The former senator,  not popular enough to run for President,  has stepped up joined the campaign against equal marriage in Washington state.… more

September is Suicide Prevention Month


The Trevor Project, the leading national organization focused on suicide prevention efforts among LGBTQ youth, has named September as National Suicide Prevention Month, with a month of awareness activation on youth suicide prevention. September 27th is Trevor Day,  named to raise awareness and show support for youth in crisis through special events held throughout the country.

“Talk to Me “ Campaign
To encourage conversation and support for the GLBTQ population, The Trevor Project has a current campaign “Talk to Me.”  It is inspired by research released by the Department of Health and Human Services earlier this month that indicates that the promotion of help-seeking has a significant impact on suicide.… more

Be Willing To Help Others


Wealth and prosperity are usually terms associated with money and financial matters.  When one is wealthy it generally means that they have a lot of money in the bank and are most times influential in matters of business.  We also would like to think that well-to-do individuals have some philanthropic commitment to humanity, generally.
In much more subjective terms, however, wealth and prosperity do not necessarily equate to matters grounded in money.  An individual can be wealthy and prosperous in spirit and have a benevolent outlook on life and toward the humans and other creatures encompassed within one’s existence and yet have very little monetary worth.  In this instance one’s philanthropic commitment may be more focused on improving the human condition and imparting wisdom to others, thus touching other people’s lives in a much more meaningful way than money ever could.… more

Michigan Lesbians tackling Adoption

April DeBoer and Jayne Rowse

April DeBoer and Jayne Rowse, a Michigan Lesbian couple, today filed an additional complaint in court during a news conference today. Besides their civil rights lawsuit to change Michigan’s state’s law barring same-sex couples from adopting, they amended their suit to declare Michigan’s ban on gay marriage unconstitutional as well. They are challenging Governor Richard Synder, Attorney General Bill Schuette and Oakland County Clerk Bill Bullard Jr. They are the first, according to the Associated Press, to challenge the state’s ban, operative since 2004,  on same-sex marriage. (See “April DeBoer And Jayne Rose, Michigan Lesbian Couple, Battle State’s Marriage and Adoption Laws,” Huffpost Gay Voices, September 7, 2012).… more

It’s a Wonder Apology…


Singing superstar Stevie Wonder has apologized for comments made in a wide ranging interview with the UK’s Guardian newspaper in which he stated that he thought gays were confused.
The controversial comments were in response to a question about his views over rapper Frank Ocean’s courageous and moving  coming out on his online Tumblr blog.
“I think honestly, some people who think they’re gay, they’re confused. People can misconstrue closeness for love. People can feel connected, they bond. I’m not saying all [gay people are confused]. Some people have a desire to be with the same sex.… more