Closet Scores Goal

There are very few openly gay professional soccer players in the world today and the Dutch Football Association have taken an innovative and humorous stance in encouraging gay players to come out.

The small European nation’s official football association has made a wonderful commercial which has already been shown on local TV featuring a gay man playing soccer – in a closet. Yep, we see the closet running on the pitch, warming up, tacking another player, scoring a goal, showering in the changing room and enjoying post match celebrations.

“Why not step out of the closet?” it asks in banner headlines before adding “Your team is on your side” and finishes with the tag line — “Gay? There is nothing queer about it.”

The commercial has been greeted warmly and commended by many gay rights commentators and sports fans. “I think it’s great, I wish the UK FA would do something similar” Dean a football fan told me today. “It is about time that an official sports body publicly opened its arms and accepted gay sportsmen in this way” another sports fan commented.



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