FRC Shooter Did Not Act Alone

Since I started blogging in 2006 not a day goes by that on one or more of the “popular” LGBT blogs or websites rhetoric is written regarding the Family Research Council, AFA, NOM and any other group or individual which is to be seen as anti-LGBT in one form or another. The same can be said in other forms of LGBT media including terrestrial and satellite radio and video presentations on YouTube and the like.

These articles, postings and opines go well beyond the act of reporting news and events, often over the top with as much hate and venom spewed as those they condemn.

And those who leave comments or contribute to spoken word the same way are equally at fault.

What fault ?

The fault of setting an atmosphere so volatile that finally an explosion has taken place.

A yet to be determined state of mind of the alleged shooter will most likely in part be attributed to what he has read, heard and seen in the LGBT media, either professional or novice, regarding FRC and the like.

And it’s not just the previous at fault but also GLAAD, HRC, The Lesbian and Gay Task Force, other groups and individual activists who when combined with the aforementioned create a brainwashing of “them against us”.

Surely those mentioned did not put the gun in the shooter’s hand, but, and though they collectively do not have the courage to look deep within themselves or look in the mirror nor look into their archives for fear of what they may see, they certainly aided in pulling the trigger.

And that my friends is culpability.

Quite frankly I’m surprised it has taken this long to happen.

2 thoughts on “FRC Shooter Did Not Act Alone

  • August 17, 2012 at 5:37 am

    the above commentary is the equivalent of saying the Jews were as guilty as Hitler for Auschwitz and Dachau. He has chosen to play a semantic game of ‘If only’ and toss in a backhand “dare ya”.

    I have no idea of his history, writings or opinions beyond this article, and based on the tripe above I never will.

    Gays and our allies calling out Hate Groups and getting the message across that we will not tolerate their abuse any longer does not make us “guilty” of anything except standing up for what is right and just.

    That is the difference between us and the Hate Group FRC and that defines where any ancillary blame belongs.

  • August 17, 2012 at 11:53 am

    Or how about he just read what the FRC said themselves?

    Do you really think that it takes GBLT blogs to express anger over a group wanting to literally round us up and kill us to have sonmeone be enraged by the FRC and what they say?

    Do you not think that just repeating the FRC’s own words isn’t enough to incense anyone?

    And the idea that it’s the HRC and GLAAD’s fault for creating the “us vs them” rhetoric? Really? You don’t think the FRC calling us paedophiles, saying we’re destroying countries and all the rest didn’t do that?

    Are you saying we shouldn’t report hate speech? That we should pretend the FRC and their ilk don’t say what they did?

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