Lord Carey warns ‘Gay marriage plan ‘paves way for polygamy’

Same-sex marriage sets a “dangerous precedent” which could lead to sibling marriage or polygamy, so says Lord Carey, a former Archbishop of Canterbury – the head of the Christian church of England.

His aggressive anti-gay outburst comes just days ahead of the same-sex marriage bill being debated in Britain’s unelected second political chamber – The House of Lords.

The vile former archbishop of Canterbury argued there could be “unintended consequences” in allowing marriage equality in an article for the think tank Civitas. He says the bill will essentially change the definition of marriage to “a long-term commitment between two people of any sex, in which gender and procreation are irrelevant”. He claims not to be alarmist but says the logically next step to allowing gay people to marry would be to extend marriage to “say, two sisters bringing up children together” or “multiple relationships, such as two women and one man“. – “Ultimately, the proposed legalisation of same-sex marriage represents a paradigm shift in our understanding of marriage,” he claims.

This isn’t the first time the cleric has verbalised gay hate views, last year at the Conservative Party Conference he spouted that gay marriage was a “slippery slope” to allowing a “Mormon-style relationship”. He also previously courted controversy by likening critics of gay marriage to persecuted Jews in Nazi Germany.

The UK’s same-sex marriage bill passed through the House of Commons the elected political chamber of the UK’s political system last month and now heads to the House of Lord’s, the second chamber in the next few days, where it is expected to face stiff opposition. One lord, the former West Midlands chief constable Lord Dear has put forward an amendment to refuse the bill a second reading in the Lord’s – which if passed would effectively kill the bill‘s progress and set the UK‘s equality battle back at least fifteen years.

Stonewall, the equality campaigning charity, chief executive Ben Summerskill said: “This is regrettably hyperbolic shroud waving. We pray other peers will be a little more attuned to the 21st Century during next week’s debate.


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