Sieze Your Moment

Life is a process.  It is a progression of actions and events that move us toward a goal or a series of goals.  In order to make those goals a reality, deliberate thought occurs which will propel us forward toward finding a way to get what we want.

Conversely, that same deliberate thought can serve to make us stand still or actually move backwards.  Fear of making a decision and stepping out of our comfort zones will prevent us from movement forward toward achieving our life’s purpose.  It can create such inertia, that we simply make a decision to not make a decision!

In order for personal growth to occur, we must consciously make decisions that will benefit us rather than those that will hurt us.  Clearly, life is also about making mistakes which serve as a learning experience for the future.  However, there comes a time in one’s life when our thought process becomes refined enough to allow a more systematic thought process to occur, to weigh choices and options, which will lead to making the best decision possible.

Making the right decisions also means that we must seize the moment!  Each decision begins with a gut feeling or some sort of internal spark that gives us inkling as to whether what we are thinking is a good decision or a bad one.

Many times, when I seize my moments, there is a clear indication that what I am doing is the right thing.  When it’s the wrong decision, that same voice inside sends a message outward telling me that I need to think more about a decision I have made.

Being queer, the thought process involved in coming out is very similar.  There comes a point where we all decide that no longer will we stay in the closet.  There is a “seize the moment” kind of epiphany that happens where we just decide to thrust ourselves out of our fake shell and begin to live our true selves.

The process of coming out is also a series of decisions, with each building momentum forward to the ultimate decision to actually begin to tell people that one is queer.  In each instance, we “seize the moment” and decide to take an action that will help us become who we are meant to truly be.

Decide today to “seize your moments.”  Listen to that voice inside that will propel you forward.  Trust your intuition and don’t look back.

Seize your moments. Love yourself.

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  • December 20, 2012 at 4:49 am

    Thanks, I needed this!

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