The Baby-Makin’ Music YouTube Playlist

Trans* and queer people can’t make babies? Okay, “Naysayers…” really?

Of course queer and trans* folks can make babies. People co-create babies…duh!

Anyhow, this mix doesn’t cover perfunctory, rote or mythical falsehoods. This playlist is all about…ahem. “Practice.”

Queer and Trans* imagery, entertainers and sensibilities are all up in this mix. You might call some of these tracks sensual or romantic. Tried to adhere to the ol’ “Keep it classy” standby, which only happened occasionally.

Sorry, not sorry?

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All Purple Everything: #SpiritDay and Purple Prose Reflections

It seemed like the world turned purple on October 17th. So…did you wear or share purple on Spirit Day?

An unprecedented amount of celebrities ( and participants took part in celebrating Spirit Day’s anti-bullying mindset and campaign for peace.


Most notably, the #SpiritDay thought stream on Twitter, experienced a flurry of activity with somewhat minimal and hardly noticeable newsjacking and hashtag jumping occurring between the many supportive updates and social shares. Unfortunately anti-gay and anti-trans* push back was still somewhat present, but the signal-to-noise ratio tipped in favor of the celebrations at hand.


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No More Bullies: Wear, Share and Go Purple on #SpiritDay October 17


No More Bullies: Go Purple for #SpiritDay on October 17

 “Spirit Day was started by a high school student in 2010 as a way to prevent bullying and show support for LGBT youth. Roughly eight out of 10 LGBT students experience harassment while at schools and as many as 63 percent of them report they also feel unsafe, according to GLAAD. The event takes place annually on every third Thursday in October.” CBS LA

Have you got the spirit?

Then put your Purple where your heart is. Read more

#Comedy Queens: It Gets Betterish For Queer As (Imperfectly Queer) Folk


Eliot Glazer: We’re not trying to help kids come out, per se, but we are trying to use comedy as a tool for looking at gay life more realistically — the good, the bad, and the weird.

Brent Sullivan: As we like to say, it’s about “two gay weirdos drowning in a sea of fierceness…. For example, not all gay dudes are “fierce.” I am anything but fierce. Case in point: I haven’t taken my shirt off in public since 1997. Eliot is not fierce. He shoplifts cookies because he convinces himself if they’re free, he isn’t imbibing the calories.

- Creators of “It Gets Betterish” to Huffington Post



Not to dim the shine of Dan Savage’s stellar “It Gets Better” support project for allies and queer youth, but, y’know…some days just feel like: “Welp. At least it gets better…ish.”

That’s where the web series of the same name (the “betterish” one) dovetails into this idea perfectly. You click, tune in, laugh your heiney off, and there you have it: oosah….”

Though it’s been a minute (well, going on a year now) since the absolutely fab comedy team co-created a new It Gets Betterish video, there are plenty of them online that’ll keep your eyes rolling and your pretty little face snickering.

Just because we make progress in advancement of LGBTQ rights, social situations can still be awkward. If you’re in the queer world, or in it but not of it, misunderstandings don’t just automatically, auto-magically disappear. With all its snark and sass, the dark comedy of It Gets Betterish reminds us that there’ll always be some tweaking to do, no matter how “gay friendly” the world gets.


Brent: With “It Gets Betterish,” we want to take attention away from grotesque minstrel shows like “The A-List” and basically every show on Bravo to exhibit that gay dudes can be train wrecks, too.

Eliot: Well, not necessarily “train wrecks,” but neurotic, self-effacing, and imperfect. Being fabulous doesn’t mean you come without flaws. You are allowed to be flawed! Brent and I are very, very flawed, and that’s the basis for our comedy.

                                                                                             – Source: More of their witty repartee with HuffPo

It’s Been A Long Lonely, Lonely Time

So why haven’t we seen new episodes in a year’s time? Well…since Brent Sullivan’s a standup comedian-slash-writer (Comedy Central “Live at Gotham,” Upright Citizens Brigade Theater featured performer), that’s one whole heapin’ pile of busy.

Then there’s Eliot Glazer…same badassery: he’s a standup comedian and writer (contributing editor at Vulture, New York Times contributor, Upright Citizens Brigade Theater featured performer).

Suffice it to say that these comedy bros are hella busy, plus doing the New York everything-thing.

It’s surprising that Lorne Michaels didn’t scoop both of these guys up for the new Saturday Night Live lineup, since all of the new SNL picks are YouTube “supastahs.” Oh ye of little faith, Lorne….



Back to adorbs, cray cray, a little disgusting at times (sorry bout it), and ultimately side-splittingly hilar webstuffs—discover the world of It Gets Betterish!


It Gets Betterish Season 1


Lady Gaga

So, supposedly the whole world doesn’t go ape-sh*t over Lady Gaga. Not even “Born this Way” era Gaga. Along these lines, the It Gets Betterish guys are cursed with free Gaga tickets, and hilarity ensues!

Fag Hag

“So, you are gay, right? How much would you charge to touch a vagina?” Um…yeah. Ick? If you’ve ever had drunken bachelorettes crash the club randomly, start random convos with you, and treat you like creatures from the wild animal park, then you’ve been in this episode. So laugh. Maybe.

Drag Queen

Ever order a faux drag queen over the Internet?


There’s more, of course.

#Comedy Queens, Represent: Come Back to Us, It Gets Betterish…We Miss You

Stalk Eliot and Brent, folks—we’ll give you a head start:


You love it. You know it. Let ‘em know, maybe they’ll make more!

Attention, Gay Athletes: MTV Wants You!

Athletes Wanted

True Life has covered over 140 topics from drug use, money issues, sexual topics to simple social behavior like visiting the Jersey Shore. There is an occasional intersection between this show and other shows. For example, the episode ‘I’m a Reality TV Star’ featured people from The Real World and Survivor, while the episode ‘I’m a Muay Thai Fighter’ and ‘I’m a Mixed Martial Artist’ both featured Kit Cope, who has recently signed a deal with the WFA and Frankie Edgar, who was the UFC Lightweight Champion. In the episode ‘I’m Bisexual,’ Sydney goes on a date with A.D. from From G’s to Gents. In 2011, Sydney was featured in season 6 of Oxygen’s Bad Girls Club. Lazar, who was in the episode ‘I’m in A Love Triangle,’ was in a 2007 episode of Parental Control.”

- From The MTV  True Life Wikipedia Entry

To be fair, we’ve included the backgrounder above because we’d love for you to contact True Life about this amazing casting call and also, you need to go in with your eyes open. Reality TV is “the gift that keeps on giving.” It’s not “forever,” but we’ll bet it can damn sure feel like forever, depending.

That said, True Life does a lot to help queer youth not feel so alone, and helps to bring compassion and attention to issues many folks never knew about or thought about before. They’ve won a few GLAAD and Emmy Awards, and the series tends to be more balanced in their coverage of LGBTQ persons of experience. Read on—and to those of you who do connect with MTV, good luck and please let us know how it goes!


Gay Athletes Wanted

(From MTV’s True Life Facebook Page, and

True Life Casting Call:


Is being gay affecting your game? Is your love for sports interfering with the love of your life? Is your desire to be the MVP keeping you from coming out to your coaches and teammates for fear of losing their acceptance? Are you worried that embracing who you are will keep you from getting an award or scholarship? Is your boyfriend or girlfriend tired of keeping your relationship a secret to keep you team captain? Maybe you’re open about your sexuality but still feel discriminated on the court. Is being a gay athlete keeping you on the bench? Are you putting aside your feelings “for the good of the team?”

If you appear to be between the ages of 16 and 24 and want to share the struggles and triumphs of being an athlete within the LGBT community, email us at [email protected] to be considered for an episode of MTV’s True Life produced by Emmy-award winning Gigantic! Productions. Tell us why we should draft you and be sure to include your name, location, phone number and a recent picture of yourself, ASAP.



As MTV’s been searching for LGBTQ athletes since June, they’ve posted this ad in various spaces online, and there are various ways to contact them.

You can do so by visiting Casting, their True Life Facebook page,, Gigantic online –, or via the direct email contacts below (from their various postings since June. We recommend using the email addresses primarily, as those were supplied by MTV and their casting company themselves).

For more information, contact:

[email protected]


[email protected]


Marilyn the Gender-Transcender: Catching Up With the Legendary Peter Robinson


Pray for That Sunshine: An Artist’s Life In Bloom

Peter Robinson, also known as world-renowned performing artist Marilyn, is a British pop performer and fashion icon with punk rock roots who influenced countless indie glam artists and celebs of the 80s and 90s all around the globe. Making his name as a club star in the vein of Warhol’s Factory crew (coming up, Marilyn was one of the New Romantics / Blitz Kids in the UK), Robinson came to be Boy George’s BFF, eventually recording songs in the same multi-culti vein as Boy George and touring around the world to gain a fan base of his own.

As for fashion, the Jamaican-born Marilyn is at once the painter and the palette. Breathtakingly beautiful, Robinson moved from being a Marilyn Monroe doppelganger to fearless “gender bending” photo spreads and gear. Along with Boy George, Marilyn helped renew fascination with androgyny in music and fashion.

For the Love of Marilyn

Marilyn earnestly, artistically channels and embodies soulfulness and strength. Fluidity and style. Androgyny and power. Charisma and grace. Ever the consummate singer, songwriter and performer.

In the 80s, his emotive dance tracks like “Calling Your Name,” “You Don’t Love Me” and “Give It Up” have earned him critical and audience acclaim. He enjoyed moderate success in the UK charts  with tracks such as “Calling Your Name,” “You Don’t Love Me,” and others.

More than just a protege, Marilyn truly came into his own developing himself beyond the club kid persona into a prolific, successful artist. The camera adores him: his exquisite, gender-transcending beauty then, now and always, is undeniably magnetic. So much so, the British pop duo Eurythmics cast him as a featured cameo “girl” in their video for “Who’s That Girl:” he rocked gorgeous dreads while striking a pose and enchanting viewers.

Coming up in the UK with peers like Boy George and many others, Marilyn contributed his honeyed, soulful vocals as one of a select group of prominent artists participating in Bob Geldof’s “Band Aid” charity project. His life’s path speaks to an artistic longevity that’s rare in the entertainment business.

He’s still doing his thing—when you visit his Twitter and Facebook pages, he’s ki-ki’ing with Boy George and other pals, occasionally traveling from spa to spa, though apparently the well runs dry sometimes: times are tougher than they used to be, by his own admission (in a recent Twitter share, he told his fans buying a simple cold drink was something he couldn’t afford when he was out and about).

Apparently, he’s recording new studio tracks and has weathered the storm of the Gavin Rossdale tabloid drama with grace, even lightly rekindling his friendship with Gavin, as well as building new bridges with Boy George.

Homophobic Media Outs Itself Yet Again

A backgrounder: Hollywood handled Marilyn’s relationship history with Rossdale altogether horribly: the “scandal” of the story didn’t last all too long, but what most reporters focused on were phrases like “gay lover,” “scandal,” “cross-dressing,” “gay affair,” and “gay fling” (WTH is a ‘gay fling?’ Their relationship or romance lasted more than a weekend, and they collaborated artistically). Other short-sighted, outmoded and pejorative terms prevailed. No cheating was involved, and their connection was in the past: this was simply a dirt-digging mission that more than anything highlighted mainstream media’s antiquated homophobic and transphobic tendencies.

When you clock the images from their time together, they’re clearly quite close at the very least, and though Marilyn agreed to keep Rossdale’s past quiet at one time, Boy George’s tell-all book reopened old wounds. From all reports, fans feel vindicated (Rossdale spent many years denying his relationship with Marilyn, finally revealing the truth of it, however dismissively).

Truth Heals All: We’re Waiting for You, Maz

At the end of the day, Marilyn’s fans are happy all parties have moved on and are eager to hear about and support Robinson’s latest shiny new project.

You can’t help but to root for him as he inspires, rallies and returns.

You only need to hear his achingly brilliant track “Third Eye” to experience the complexity and majesty that is Marilyn. He’s as fragile as a flower unfolding, and as strong as a soul diva.

Marilyn’s got that High Loveability Factor: you just want him to keep on winning.


To check out some of Marilyn’s delightful, delicious and delovely then and now photographs, please visit the links below.

Marilyn’s Facebook Fan Page

Will The Real Marilyn Monroe Please Stand Up: Marilyn & the Blitz Kids

WOW: The Blitz Kids Documentary Page


Mighty Real: The New Gay Workout Anthems Playlist


[Please note that some of the visuals in the videos are NSFW – Not Safe for Work. YouTube usually requires a login before those who are over 18 can view them, but we can't promise this will be the case. Some of the selections are Rated PG-13 due to language and imagery.]

Maybe it’s just me, but there’s something about working out to LGBTQ-inclusive anthems that puts a lil’ extra pep in my elliptical hyper-step.

Living by a gay-owned gym staffed by fab music lovers who know their stuff doesn’t hurt—but when you have your own playlist, you can take all your fab on the road, or stick it in your headphones and jog it out.

Need some suggestions? Thought you’d never ask.

The tracks below have either been co-opted by gay folks or penned and performed by them (mostly the latter). You’ll find some classics and discover some newbies.

Big Freedia – Azz Everywhere -

In the words of George Clinton, “Free your mind and your ass will follow.” This track’s less about your bootie and more about your free spirited shaking of said behind. And that’s right Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s the TwerkMaster General, Big Freedia. Girlfriend brings the party on “Overdrive. Overdrive! Overdrive! When you take a ride!” Everything Big Freedia touches is dope. As the Queen Diva of New Orleans Sissy Bounce, she’s spent many years crafting her tracks and performance/recording skills to be at the top of the “bands that make you dance.” You don’t listen to this song—you DO THIS song. Don’t worry, she rocks it like a drill instructor all along the way—you won’t get lost, Boo.

September – Cry for You (Remix) –

A regular club and Pride performer, September works that Swedish pop thing in a sweet, coy little way. Interesting tidbit—the riff’s from Bronski Beat’s track “Smalltown Boy” (different playlist for a different day, but an absolutely riveting track about the struggles of coming out. September seems all coquettish, but the song’s saying in essence, “Eff off, Dear.” It’s not like she didn’t try. Mm-hm. She really tried. It’s just time to go. And you can shout that along with her at the top of your lungs in 3…2…

Sylvester: You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real) -

You’d be surprised how many college kids aren’t aware of this track. The song used to be utilized as a joke in TV movies or films to wink-nudge at the audience that so and so character, vibe or environment is queer. (No.) Sandra Bernhard reclaimed the beauty of this track in-community by recording her rendition of it, as well as performing a shelarious routine declaring her love for Sylvester and coming up in his era. This is a song about freedom and authenticity—and the bass line, riff, and chorus just won’t quit.

Manila Luzon — “Hot Couture” official music video

Consider this to be your water break or cool-down song, as it’s a bit more mellow. Sickenly scrumptious hook and lyrics about dressing yourself up in your own love. It’s a delight to watch Manila Luzon (and Mini-Manila Luzon) pay tribute to fashion *as* function and looking fierce doing it. The little storyline involving baby Luzon in the video is a bit of a misty-eyed sitch, and it’s something they didn’t have to add to a song that’s focused on fashion. Love. It.

Madonna – Don’t Stop (Smegster Remix) -

From all reports and regardless of past bisexual dalliances, Madonna is “Madonna-Sexual” and Super-Ego-centric–she’s been both loving and loathsome to queer folks including for whatever reasons, her out gay brother (sigh). Still, she’s family and her work keeps the emphasis on the “fun” part of dysfunctional (maybe not so much lately?). Anyway—in itself, “Don’t Stop” from “Bedtime Stories” is anthemic, but needs a little HI-NRG to keep your BPMs and heart rate up and healthy. We aim to please, so here you go. Can’t call this track a “refix,” as the original’s pretty damn delicious.

Hilary Duff – With Love (Rhv Vs. Dave Aude Club Mix)

Hillary Duff’s kept a pretty even keel and steered clear of cray cray ex-child star drama. (No drag queen harassment or trolling tweets in sight). In fact, Ms. Duff’s set aside some “sweet time” to create some Think Before You Speak gay-ally PSAs (thanks guuurl).  As for this particular remix, the positive affirmations in the lyrics are undeniable. “Tell me I’m wrong, that I’m coming on way too strong. Don’t think I’ll be crushed. Just do it with love. Love, love, love!” We are divas—do we not bleed? Proceed with caution. Just do it with love.

George Michael – Outside Because George made the absolute best out of a terrible arrest, “Outside” makes today’s list. Never one to shy away from social commentary, this song’s about adventure and its subtext flirts with how Michael himself got popped for it. Albeit risky, he certainly went on an “adventure.” This track’s about play in its every connotation, finding the strength to collect yourself and sally forth again and again, and moving your body-body at the party-party.

The Bird and the Bee – Fcking Boyfriend (Peaches remix)

Are you asking him or telling him? Eh, same thing. “When you laid down with me, you never slept that night?” Come on. Poetry. Sheer electro-poetry bliss. Work it out.

Flawless (Go to the City) George Michael & The Ones (Mike’s Ultra Clean Extended Remix)

Shout it with me: “You’ve got to go to the city!”

Call it what you will—a coming out anthem, a runway ready hit for the children, or absolutely flawless. Here’s yet another track with, like, triply-lovely significance. The track was inspired by  a fantastic movie of the same name and it is indeed “Flawless.” The Ones are at the very least exceedingly queer-friendly (what? Like everyone has to present a card at the border? I’m not walkin’ around with a queer-counting clipboard), and George Michael’s “Flawless” is encouraging a dear friend (or perhaps his younger self) to leave a drab humdrum town and get out…for good. “Well you’ve got to think of somethin’, ’cause your job pays you nothing. But you’ve got the things God gave ya, so the music may yet be your savior…you’ve got to go to the city.” The Ones chime in “Like perfection. Like no other. Flawless. Absolutely flawless.” Mmm. Quelle motivational!

If I find out this song’s about Andrew Ridgely I will start crying tears of joy, right there on the elliptical stair-stepper. I swear before Yeezus I will.

Cazwell – Ice Cream Truck (Dee Jay Tatto Club Mix)

Brazilian-born and NYC bred, Cazwell is a prolific, hella-experienced rapper-producer, and his label’s got this naughty habit of populating his videos with eyefuls of scantily-clad models. Unheard of! Sure…anyway, the original video is cute, camp and somewhat ironic contraposed with the visual hotness you see here, but his remix amps things up just a notch or two. Qué sabor….


Extra Fun, Funny Goodies, & More Diva Tributes:

RuPaul – Jealous Of My Boogie (Remix)

Looking So F*kin’ Good – RuPaul & DJ ShyBoy

Depeche Mode – People are People Remix –

Lady GaGa – Bad Romance (David Guetta Remix)

Latrice Royale & Manila Luzon — The Chop (Official Music Video)

Willam & Rhea Litré in “Let’s Have a KaiKai”

Whitney Houston – It’s Not Right But It’s Okay (Thunderpuss Remix)

Scissor Sisters – Filthy / Gorgeous

Ru Paul – Workout

XELLE featuring Mimi Imfurst “Queen” Official Music Video

WERQIN’ GIRL” Music Video by Shangela Laquifa

Alyssa Edwards : Drop Dead Gorgeous (B. Ames Mix)

Donna Summer – Last Dance (long version) [Tempo changes at 1:30]

Willow Smith – Whip My Hair

Stardust Vs Madonna – Dance & Sing / Music Sounds Better With You Mashup (White Label Mix)

Sahara Davenport (with Gomi)– Go Off (Official Video)

The Ones – Flawless Video


George Michael – (Funny and funky) Go to the City Video

“’Cause you’re beautiful. Like no other.”


Listen / work out to all these songs at once by clicking this playlist link.–Zi5KoEOayB2350hHLdyxZR


Enough cardio for now, but we’ll bring you more. There will always be more.


Fave workout selections, anyone? (Heteronormative tracks, albums and playlists welcome.)

Doubling Up: Ellen DeGeneres to Host Oscars for 2014 Academy Awards

RT@Dannyboy0713: I totally hope @TheEllenShow gets every celebrity in the ballroom to dance when she hosts The Oscars @TheAcademy


And The Winner Is…

Because Twitter announcements count as official (well…until they don’t…), Twitter scooped most folks on this first: Ellen DeGeneres announced her delight to be returning as the emcee for the Oscars ceremony next year, on behalf of The Academy of Motion Picture Arts Sciences.

DeGeneres (“The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” “Finding Nemo”), in the customary “Aw shucks wink-wink” way we know and adore, shared this joyful tweet on her Twitter page:

It’s official: I’m hosting the #Oscars! I’d like to thank @TheAcademy, my wife Portia and, oh dear, there goes the orchestra.

The broadcast’s executive producers (Craig Zadan and Neil Meron) cosigned her “squee” on Twitter, tweeting:

Neil Meron @neilmeron welcome back to the Oscar stage, Ellen…we can’t wait to start working with you! @theellenshow @theacademy @craigzadan

And they love Ms. Ellen so much, they went from pitch to decision in a mere 48 hours’ time.

“I agreed with Craig and Neil immediately that Ellen is the ideal host for this year’s show,” said Cheryl Boone Isaacs, Academy President. “We’re looking forward to an entertaining, engaging and fun show.”

According to the organization’s CEO Dawn Hudson, “Ellen is talented, wonderfully spontaneous, and knows how to entertain a worldwide audience. She’s a big fan of the Oscars; we’re huge fans of hers. It’s a perfect match.”


All This Funny Business

According to Variety magazine, “’The Ellen DeGeneres Show’ has won 45 Daytime Emmys during its 10 seasons. Though DeGeneres’ show airs on NBC owned-and-operated stations, she has a history with Oscar broadcaster ABC, with her landmark sitcom ‘Ellen’ having run there from 1994-98. In 1997, DeGeneres won the Peabody Award and a writing Emmy for the episode in which her character came out as a gay woman, with 46 million viewers watching.

“Over the last eight years, the 2007 Oscars hosted by DeGeneres stands as the top rated in both adults 18-49 (14.1 rating/33 share) and women 25-54 (19.2/40).”

Since coming out in 1997, though Ellen shared myriad challenges she faced because of her public declaration, she’s a master at the art of the “Reboot and Rally.” These days, you feel like she’s never missed a beat.

You always get the sense that even while Ellen’s ribbing you, she’s laughing with—not at—you, and you’re never on the arse-end of even her snarkiest inside jokes. Ellen saves more observational or cutting humor for political issues.

Case in point: remember when she riffed on fatphobia? Ellen quipped:

“Now [Abercrombie & Fitch] actually have a double zero. What are we aspiring to? ‘Honey, do these jeans make my butt look invisible in this?‘”

Crafting jokes, skits, comedic sets and punchlines in such a way is living a rarefied air and artistry we don’t see quite enough of. Too, though reading and shade has its place in queer culture, this type of kidding around is based on finding and digging into flaws, and adding salt to wounds (real, perceived or straight-up made up).

In other words, the origin and intent of reading/shade/the dozens, however creative, is more degrading.

And Now, Your Host…

Ellen’s first Oscars hosting gig took place in 2007. In a tongue-in-cheek self-released press statement Ellen added:

“I am so excited to be hosting the Oscars for the second time. You know what they say – the third time’s the charm….”

Laugh on, Ms. E. Laugh on.


Click below to watch 5 of Ellen’s Best Award Show Moments:


The 86th Annual Academy Awards takes place on March 2, 2014. So is Ellen the right woman for the job, or what?



Grok These, Please: Queer Slam Poems and Creative Poetry Videos


Praising and Raising our Work: On Mindshare and Memory

Riveting. Emo. Uplifting. Heartbreaking. Heart-opening. Poetry heals, helps and heartens all who encounter its majesty, power, artistry.

When a poem is passed from hand to hand, eye to eye, heart to heart, soul to soul, the bearer and the receiver are forever changed.

Writer Neil Hilborn’s touching performance in his slam poem “OCD” has recently gone viral, bringing to mind the many LGBTQIA poets and creatives in our midst with their own stories of love and life.

Slam poems and artistic poetry performance videos dovetail so nicely into the framework of social media, aka “Short Attention Span Theater.” All the while, the popularity of such creatives and their efforts debunk the myth that we’re all becoming bots, drones and distracted Internet denizens who can do nothing but lower the bar when it comes to being entertained. As we praise the art, we raise the art.

Queerly Speaking: Queerious Poems & Artistic Feats

There are many queer artists of late who’ve come to shine brightly, find their audiences and clock hundreds of thousands of views for sharing their feelings, style, art, writing and messages in video form—and thank goodness for them. With each new word experienced, we’re reminded to walk through this life: chin up, spirits high, feet facing forward.

Women of the World Poetry Slam winner Denice Frohman’s “Dear Straight People” video is one of the many gorgeous works capturing our imaginations. Garnering clicks, attention, ongoing #lolz and serious praise, Frohman’s hard-hitting truths hammer out insightful words of witticism and encourage laughs of recognition. Here are but a few gems encapsulated in a handful of minutes:


“Sexuality and gender…? Two different things. Combined in many different ways. If you mismatch your socks, you understand.”

“Dear Hip Hop: why are you fascinated with discovering gay rappers? Gay people rap. Just like gay people ride bikes and eat tofu.”

“Dear straight bullies, you’re right: we don’t have the same values. You kill everything that’s different. I preserve it.”


Words cascade like waterfalls. Prosaic glitter and poetic license, new beats and audio treats make their way towards all who have ears to hear, fingers to snap, hands to clap, and believing hearts to respond.

Visit the links below to watch these and so much more: it’s compelling, queer-powered poetry in motion.

Denice Frohman

“Dear Straight People” (WOWPS 2013)



Tanya Davis

“How to Be Alone”


Shane Koyczan

“Pork Chop” from the To This Day Project

Shanita Jackson and Dakota Oder 

“Civil Rights”

Noah St. John 

“Noah St. John Performs at Queeriosity 2010”

Stayceyann Chin

“Feminist or a Womanist”

Andrea Gibson

The Jewelry Store


To watch all of these videos as a playlist, please click the link below.


Mindshare & Memory: Slam Poems & Creative Poetry Videos


“One of Us?” Not As Much…On Fatboy Slim’s Queer Behavior

“The most ironic thing is that most of what we do was invented by black, gay Americans in the first place.”

- Fatboy Slim, on EDM / House Music

Fatboy Slim: Queer…or Just European?

Norman Cook (aka Fatboy Slim) is not one to dither around or dilly-dally when it comes to sonic expansiveness and creative perception. While serving as producer, writer or DJ, Fatboy “Jack-of-All-Genres” Slim happily bounces from genre to genre to suit each new mood, project or opportunity. His range of landscapes at-play include Independent Pop, British Hip Hop and House, Big Beat and Dance music, naturally.

Born Quentin Cook, this UK underground boy gone massive came from punk rock beginnings and scruffy indie aesthetics before heading away to college in Brighton, then segueing into club and DJ culture.

Cook enjoyed a brief stint as the bassist for UK alt-pop outfit The Housemartins and experienced his first dash of fame during the band’s “Happy Hour” phase. Soon enough, Cook worked his way back to clubbing and DJ’ing, finally gaining a critical mass of attention and fans with his production and mashup skills, and eventually coming into his own with the fame and success of the hypnotic tracks “Praise You” and “The Rockafeller Skank.”

Some lads hear it more than others, but the “Is He Gay or Just European?” trope prevails in a culture where a metrosexual is a term the British media coined to describe a distinctly European look, sensibility and sexual fluidity (often but not always attached to disposable income and class). Such themes include but are not limited to: effeminate fashion, unisex/asexual presentation and (ahem) sexual experimentation or fluidity. The fact that all metrosexual men are “straight” is of course hogwash. Too–more and more, youth culture refuses to “pick a team” or define themselves by any label whatsoever.

So now, we have the news that Fatboy Slim is a regular Pride entertainer, a staunch LGBTQ advocate, and has ‘experimented with’ men sexually.

If you’d hear it from Cook himself, it’s N.B.D., but perhaps of some interest: back in 2004, Fatboy Slim told the press, “Well, everyone’s had one try-out experience, haven’t they?”

On his relationship with wife Zoe Bell, Fatboy Slim went on, “Me and Zoe have always been convinced [our son is] gay anyway.”

The fact that such goings on were mostly laughed off and minimized typifies the sexual fluidity that is our shared human experience. In less of a “bi-chic” moment and more of a “yeah, that happened” moment, Cook’s language wasn’t quite politically correct but his sentiment speaks to a nonchalance that reveals how natural and fluid sexuality is.

Is this something we can or should ignore?

Being that Fatboy Slim’s son’s still of a tender age, Cook may be keeping laser-point specifics of his son’s life private and deflecting the concept of queering personal life or relationships. However last year, Cook told Pink News UK his that supporting equal marriage is a ‘no brainer’ and revealed, “I talk about the issue with my son.”

Cook, who’s done much education and advocacy work for local young artists in his hometown, once performed at the Terrace Bar of the House of Commons to support even more community-based music initiatives for youth. By having done so, could he be, however subconsciously, helping to open the minds of UK lawmakers to queer culture, sexually fluid living and LGBTQ art and iconography?

Time will tell.

Meanwhile, are Fatboy Slim’s remarks about his own ‘sexual experimentation’ dismissive…or “normal?”

In essence, you cannot un-queer yourself, culturally or sexually. What’s definitive here is that Cook is decidedly an ally. And for the time being, the rest is none of our “B.I.-IZ-NESS.”


Have a nosh on the concept while you nod your head to Fatboy Slim’s video, “Weapon of Choice” feat. Christopher Walken.  (Yes, Hunty’s: come back and share your thoughts with us after the jump-off.)