Pride Boost Economy


“Every city should have a pride!” says author and GayAgenda writer Jason Shaw, “Not only for the entertainment and celebration aspects, but also because it can financially benefit a whole region” he says as he looks ahead to the UK’s forthcoming north east festival that is estimated to boost the Tyneside economy by around £1m.
Last year, Newcastle Pride attracted around 23,000 visitors for the one day event held in Newcastle’s Exhibition Park, with people coming from all over the not only the north east, but also from around the United Kingdom.… more

Rain To Rainbows For New York

NYC Pride announced this week the official New York City Pride theme for 2013 will be “Rain to Rainbows.”
The theme will spotlight the many positive changes that have occurred despite the struggles the LGBT community still faces. NYC Pride will host their annual barrage of events commemorating the 44th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots, beginning with the Rally and ending with the Dance on the Pier.
“After years of inequality in this country we are finally turning the course towards receiving full equality. While this won’t be achieved overnight we are proud of our community’s accomplishments over the last decade and look to the future with a positive stance on the state of LGBT rights.… more

Alexandra Burke out of Brighton Pride

Alexandra Burke

A former X Factor winner and pop superstar Alexandra Burke spectacularly and abruptly pulled out at the last possible moment from performing at southern England’s biggest gay pride event in Brighton.

The pop singer and well known diva had been due to take to the stage at 6pm in the ‘Girls on Top tent’ where thousand’s of pride goers, some of whom had paid nearly £20 to be there, were waiting to see her.
Media personnel were informed the diva cancelled at the very last minute because her ‘team’ were not satisfied with the big top ten and stated that the few thousands in the audience was not ‘significant’ enough for the singer to attend.… more

Purchases Working Against You

Cracker Barrel

Caveat Emptor: Your Purchases May Be Working Against You
In the blog “The Little Cookie With The Big Agenda,” we saw how a food giant like Kraft supports gay rights. With just a striking visual of rainbow creme filling, standing in for the typical Oreo vanilla creme, its advertising campaign, debuted during Gay Pride, became a symbol of solidarity with the GLBT community. Other behemoths such as Target showed their conviction toward gay rights by selling out T-shirts for Gay Pride. The coffee Titan Starbucks has opposed Washington’s anti-gay amendment. Microsoft’s co-founder Bill Gates and CEO Steve Ballmer each donated $100,000 to support the campaign to approve Referendum 74 and keep same-sex marriage intact.… more

The Little Cookie With The Big Agenda


Oreo, the little cookie that saw us through childhood, a chocolate sandwich with just enough vanilla creme in the middle to break up what would have been otherwise a too-chocolaty taste, has lost its innocence. Traded in school cafeterias, found broken apart in sofas across the world, this popular cookie became, on June 25th, a symbol of Gay Pride.
To coincide with world-wide Gay Pride celebrations in late June, Kraft introduced a rainbow-colored filling for its iconic Oreo (no more plain Vanilla!). Quite striking, this untraditional Oreo was not intended for human consumption, but for its righteousness.… more