LPAC Backs Tammy Baldwin

LPAC Makes Its First 2012 Endorsement

The super Pac LPAC, formed with “the mission of an action committee to champion candidates and causes that appeal to lesbian voters” ( http://gayagenda.com/19 Jul 2012/Super Pac Started by Super Lesbians) has endorsed Tammy Baldwin (D-Wis) in Wisconsin’s upcoming senate race. The choice was obvious: Baldwin is the only lesbian in Congress, and according to LPAC’s chair Sarah Schmidt, she is a champion of women’s rights, LGBT equality and fights for poor and middle class Americans. “

Baldwin’s Campaign is Historic

If elected, Baldwin could become the first openly gay person elected in the senate in a state from where the Vice-Presidential Republican nominee Paul Ryan hails. Baldwin now faces the former Governor of Wisconsin, Tommy Thompson, 70, who received 34% of the vote in the Republican primary, for an open seat vacated by Democratic Senator Herb Kohl. Confident, Baldwin, 50, has challenged Thompson to three general election debates.

“Show Me the Money”

A recent Quinnipiac survey showed Baldwin, who had no primary opposition, and Thompson tied. Democrats and Progressive were already preparing efforts to help Baldwin. LPAC has a goal of raising $1,000,000 for this election cycle. The LPAC board would match up to $50,000 in contributions. So far, they have received pledges of $200,000. (http://The Huffington Post, 8/14/2012/” Tammy Baldwin Gets Lesbian Super PAC’s First Endorsement)

Super Pac Started by Super Lesbians

Last week, high-profiled lesbians launched a unique super PAC to highlight women’s and gay rights. Called LPAC, this independent super PAC was formed with the mission of an action committee to champion candidates and causes that appeal to lesbian voters.

How Does It Work?

LPAC is a hybrid PAC, meaning that like a super PAC, it can raise unlimited money for independent expenses, but may contribute limited amounts directly to candidates if the operations remain separate. So far, this group has received pledges of $200,000 and hopes to raise $1 million for electing candidates such as lesbian Tammy Baldwin from Wisconsin to the U.S. Senate. Besides Baldwin, members are deciding on other candidates and causes to support.

Timing Couldn’t Be Better!

This November, policies are being considered that would restrict women’s birth control and abortion rights as well as ban same-sex marriage. With those ideologies looming large in the minds of liberal voters, the board’s eight-members come from the world of liberal media, business and politics. They include Glee star Jane Lynch, former tennis superstar Billie Jean King, and former Executive Director of the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, Urvashi Vaid. Three LPAC members helped to mastermind FightBack New York: pollster Donna Victoria, strategist Val Berlin, and lobbyist Emily Giske. Another member Alix Ritchie is the former publisher of the Provincetown Banner.

The Treasurer and Chairwoman is Sarah Schmidt, a management consultant and philanthropist. Her wealth was derived from the success of U.S. Venture, Inc., a gas distributor. Laura Ricketts, one of the founding members, is the co-chair of the Democratic National Committee’s LGBT Leadership Council and daughter of conservative TD Ameritrade founder Joe Ricketts, co-owner of the Chicago Cubs.

How is This Different From Other Fund-Raising GLBT Groups?

Unlike the Gay and Lesbian Victory Fund supporting GLTB candidates, and Emily’s List, whose raison d’etre is electing Democratic women who support abortion rights, LPAC is bipartisan. Although it will support candidates who share its principles regardless of sexual orientation, sex or gender, LPAC is collaborating with these organizations to augment their initial efforts to influence voices in mainstream politics.

While spearheaded by many Democratic women, LPAC will also promote issues of concern for like-minded men such as health care access, reproductive freedom, income inequality, and racial justice.