Fork on the Left, Knife in the Back: Why Michael Musto Was Never Really “Fired”

“For better or worse, I’ve always tried to march to my own drum

and tell it like it is, while preserving some integrity and style.

God, I’m fabulous!”

-Michael Musto

 Sorry…Perez Who?

Gay gossip columnist and author Michael Musto is unstoppable. However catty his remarks are (he is, after all, famous for creating the word “celebutard,”), this cat always seems to land on his feet (for nine whole lifetimes).

You would think reporters like him were the kind that “Der Bruno” parodies ( Musto’s career has been anything but a fly by night affair, or gossip for gossip’s sake. His voice is pointed and distinct, steeped in his own philosophy and musings, and his words come across as being fully fearless.

Ever the consummate party goer, the Columbia University grad began his career by being famous for being famous. You can be as talented as the myriad other geniuses flanking you left and right in this world, but without any buzz, making a name for yourself and your work is infinitely more difficult.

That’s why, mere nanoseconds after it was confirmed Musto was laid off from his position at The Village Voice (“restructuring” was cited), he fired up his telltale tweets, and the WTFs and DM offers came rolling in.

One of the many highlights came from Andy Cohen who tweeted, “The Voice, though? “What’s the point of the Village Voice without @mikeymusto!?! #institution #NYCIcon”

Musto was not the only one fired (, and many of the publication’s most prominent editors resigned from the paper to protest the mass-layoffs. Still, the Musto firing was among the most shocking.

“So many people have come out to offer their love (and opportunities),” Musto told Gawker. “I’ll update you on all my new beginnings. My brand will be feistier than ever.”

The “La Dolce Musto” columnist wrote a touching farewell letter to his followers, ending:

“It was a helluva quarter-plus century of partying and protest. I have treasured my time there and have loved guiding you through some of NYC’s (and the world’s) dizzying highs and lows. I am reachable through Facebook and twitter (@mikeymusto).THANK YOU, PEOPLE!!!”

Named as one of the “Out 100’s”  most influential LGBT personalities, Musto’s fans who know him from TV may not realize: the reported clocked 30 years of journalism time at The Village Voice alone—all the while writing tomes both praising and burying celebrity culture, giving cultural commentary about GLBT culture, dish and dignity, and providing seasoned, sharp soundbites for myriad broadcasters around the world.

For anyone in the publishing industry, such a stint is a miracle, as is thriving as an out, gay journalist hobnobbing with celebs and still making time write that next great scoop.

Michael Musto created so much gossip that finally he became it (for 0.5 seconds). For all who knew him, it was immediately apparent the layoff seemed to be out of the blue and felt out-of-pocket.

Don’t you worry about Mike—Mike’s runnin’ shop in NYC. Still writing, still jet-setting, and still “bringing the fab” to nightclub events in the city ( and beyond.

In essence, Michael Musto was never really fired, because he’s what you’d call in queer speak, “one of the legendary children.”

Musto was never really fired—because his only full-time job, boss and brand is Michael Musto.

 Michael Musto is now a columnist for The Advocate, Out Magazine,  Gawker, and select other publications.

So, uh…got any gossip?