Rain To Rainbows For New York

NYC Pride announced this week the official New York City Pride theme for 2013 will be “Rain to Rainbows.”
The theme will spotlight the many positive changes that have occurred despite the struggles the LGBT community still faces. NYC Pride will host their annual barrage of events commemorating the 44th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots, beginning with the Rally and ending with the Dance on the Pier.

NYC Gay Pride

“After years of inequality in this country we are finally turning the course towards receiving full equality. While this won’t be achieved overnight we are proud of our community’s accomplishments over the last decade and look to the future with a positive stance on the state of LGBT rights. We cannot and we will not forget about the hardships LGBT citizens endure on a daily basis across this country and the world. We will focus on how we can best turn the negative slowly into a positive,” said Chris Frederick, Managing Director of Heritage of Pride. “With the Supreme Court deciding on same-sex marriage days prior to NYC Pride’s largest day we are cautiously optimistic that history will turn in our favor.”

Marriage legislation has passed in more states and, more notably, for the first time by popular vote. Polls are consistently showing a majority of Americans support gay marriage. The US Supreme Court has agreed to hear two cases for its 2013 docket that could ostensibly end the larger debate across the country. This year’s theme aims to acknowledge these milestones and embody the adversity we’ve faced and the unceasing progression towards that magical spot somewhere over the rainbow.

“Whether it is a rainbow in the sky or a rainbow flag flying high above The Stonewall on Christopher Street in NYC, a rainbow symbolizes hope and peace after a storm of any kind,” said Tish Flynn, Media Director of Heritage of Pride. “We want to show the world that there’s always a way to turn rain into rainbows.”

2013 Gay & Lesbian Ski Weeks

All you summer lovers please don’t hate me, but it is THAT time again. Time for us snow lovers to start thinking about all the exciting gay & lesbian ski weeks planned for 2013! 

NOW is the time you will find the best travel deals to popular ski resorts.

We here at Out & About Travel have been customizing ski packages for almost 15 years and are more than happy to assist you. 

Here is sample of upcoming gay & lesbian ski weeks: 

  • Utah Gay & Lesbian Ski Week: January 9-13, 2013
  • Aspen Gay & Lesbian Ski Week: January 13-20, 2013
  • Stowe, Vermont’s Winter Rendezvous Gay & Lesbian Ski Week: January 23-27, 2013
  • Whistler Pride Gay & Lesbian Ski Week: February 3-10, 2013
  • Telluride Gay & Lesbian Ski Week: February 22-March 3, 2013
  • Canadian Rockies Gay Ski Tour: March 16-23, 2013
  • Mammoth Mountain Gay & Lesbian Ski Week – March 13-17, 2013

 We will be updating our web site, http://www.gayskitrips.com in the coming weeks with more information. 

In the meantime be sure to email us at info@gaytravelpros.com for assistance planning your getaway. 

See you on the slopes! 


Top 10 Reasons to Use a Travel Agent


One of the most asked questions I receive as a travel agent is, “Why should we book through you?” 

I can come up with hundreds of reasons, but here I have compiled the Top 10 Reasons why you should use a travel agent or, more specifically, why you should book your next trip through my agency, Out & About Travel.

You don’t have to be gay to book a trip through us, we are straight friendly too! 😉

Out & About Travel (http://www.gaytravelpros.com) is a full service, gay & lesbian, online travel agency specializing in gay & lesbian tours, cruises, adventure travel, gay ski trips, customized packages and more. I started Out & About Travel back in 1999 out of my genuine love of travel and the desire to provide the gay & lesbian community with the many options available to them.

TOP 10 Reasons Why You Should Use a Travel Agent and Book Your Next Trip With Out & About Travel

1. Save Time. I can do all the research for you when planning out your next vacation. A travel agent provides one stop shopping for all your travel plans and arrangements.
2. Save Money. I never charge a service fee and have a price match guarantee. I am also fortunate enough to have strong working relationships with travel suppliers and experience in the travel industry, knowing where to look for the best deal.

3. Personalized Service. I work for you and not for any travel supplier. 
4. Experience and Knowledge. I am always researching and reading about the latest trends in travel and great places to go. I also receive information about vacation plans before the public. Travel is my job. I will give you expert advice and my opinion.

5. Support Small Business. I started Out & About Travel in 1999, at the age of 23, and have been running my business on my own since. We are celebrating our 14 year anniversary this year. 

6. Avoid Problems. I can help you clarify the fine print on cancellation penalties and restrictions preventing problems. I am your direct contact person if a problem arises and will save you the hassle by correcting issues for you.

7. Field Specialist. I can help anyone plan a trip to anywhere. In addition, I specialize in exclusive gay and lesbian travel destinations as well as gay and lesbian friendly destinations. Throughout the years I have traveled to many popular gay & lesbian travel destinations throughout the world and have gained hands on knowledge of what is truly gay and lesbian friendly.

8. Personalized Vacations. My longest road trip, thus far, has been 3 months. I can help you route out an extensive road trip or plan a personalized vacation package through my direct experience and knowledge of travel.

9. Trust. I have been in business since 1999 and have clients from all over the world. We were one of the first online travel agencies specializing in LGBT travel and are considered pioneers of the gay & lesbian travel industry.
10. It is Free! I will work hard for you to ensure that your vacation is exactly what you want. I do not charge a service fee and have a price match guarantee. Let me do all the research, lay out the options, and book and plan out everything for you from hotel, car rental, sites to see, restaurants, events, attractions, shows, and more.

So, please, contact me the next time you are planning a vacation.

Desiree Sousa, owner of Out & About Travel, can be reached at:


Call: 1-800-842-4753

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