Prey The Gay Away – St Petersburg


The Russian politician who introduced the horrifically homophobic St. Petersburg bill banning ‘gay propaganda’ has stepped up his campaign and crusade against gays by claiming in a recent interview that homosexuality is a ‘bad habit’ that can be treated by fasting and prayer,  reports Jason Shaw.
The deputy of the St Petersburg city legislature Vitaliy Milonov said that homosexuality was an illness, which can be cured and this hatemonger likened same-sex attraction to “a bad habit. His homophobic and
Speaking on the popular Russian radio talk radio show Ekho Moskvy, Milonov told how if his son told him he was gay, he would take him to a priest who should tell the young man that he was partaking in a bad habit that one can easily quit.… more

Activists Fight Against St. Petersburg

Russian Policeman Gay Protest

A fight is going on over the Russian city of St. Petersburg as a group of gay rights activists have issued a complaint against the authorities in the city for its ban of a gay pride parade in June 2011, reports Jason Shaw.

The equality group, Ravnopravie, has made the appeal to the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg, alleging the authorities’ actions were “disguised discrimination.”
This brave organisation is also planning to launch another appeal against the St. Petersburg authorities, this time for the ban of a gay pride rally planned for July 7th this year.… more