Scottish Bishops Wants Incest

Bishop Hugh Gilbert

A senior bishop in the Catholic church in Scotland has angered many by likening homosexuality to incest. During the rant from the bishop of Aberdeen he suggesting that if the Scottish Government truly believed in equality it would make incest and polygamy legal.
Bishop Hugh Gilbert claimed he ‘loved’ gay people but told the Scottish Catholic Observer: “Why is it alright for a man to marry another man, but not alright for him to marry two women? If we really want equality, why does that equality not extend to nieces who genuinely, truly love their uncles?”

Surprisingly he went further and even suggested incest was commonplace in Aberdeen, “And, if you say that such things don’t happen, that they are mere freaks of nature, extreme examples dreamed up for the sake of argument, I say you need to spend more time in the parish.”
The gay bashing bishop did say that he will continue to work for gay people, just not marry them: “As Bishop of Aberdeen, I know there are gay people amongst the community of the Church.… more

Scotland Set For Marriage Equality

Scottish Flag

Scotland looks set to become the first part of the UK to allow same sex marriages

Ministers from the ruling Scottish National Party (SNP) confirmed they are going to bring forward a bill on the issue, indicating it could be passed as early as next year with the first ceremonies taking place at the start of 2015.
Political leaders, equality organisations and human rights activists and commentators have welcomed the move and congratulated the SNP on pushing forward with the proposal despite that strong opposition from religious groups, reports Jason Shaw.… more