Dallas Gay Couple REARRESTED

Crime (?) Scene Revisited

As you may remember from gayagenda.com’s post (http://gayagenda.com/”Marriage applicants face charges,” July 16, 2012), Dallas gay couple Beau Chandler and Mark “Major” Jiminez were arrested on July 5th for “criminal trespassing” after applying for a marriage license in Texas, a state that doesn’t permit same-sex marriage.

After being denied the marriage license, they, handcuffed to each other, staged a sit-in and were charged with Criminal Trespass. They appeared in court at the Frank Crowley Courthouse August 2, as expected, after meeting with supporters. Initially, they could have faced a $2000 fine and an 180-day jail sentence for Civil Disobedience. (Now the stakes are higher. According to Beau Chandler’s comments following the story, Jiminez could be taken away for 5 years for being arrested twice within 30 days for the same “crime.”)

According to WFAA TV, the head-strong couple returned to the Crowley Building to apply for a marriage license and were denied, again. They staged another Sit-In.

Sit-In, Yet Again

Police arrested Jiminez again for trespassing, according to WFAA reporters, and he told them: “How is our marriage going to affect your life? When you’re sitting down to the dinner table, how is the fact that we’re married going to affect your life, at all? It’s not! So why are you worried about it?”

Beau Chandler’s Poignant Comments: Crime Against Humanity

Hello guys and girls and anyone identifying as between. Thanks for the outpouring of support. Someone said we’re heroes and brave. Well, I can tell you we’re not really heroes. We are men who want our rights, and we aren’t going to take “no” for an answer – nor any more of their crap in order to get our rights. Brave? I don’t know. I’m terrified now because my partner could be taken away from me for 5 years for getting arrested twice within 30 days for the same “crime.” They cannot be held accountable for their crimes against humanity, but we can be held accountable for refusing to leave without our constitutionality promised rights-which violates ANOTHER right – to peacefully assemble! Apparently, yes. In the current republic of Texas (I’d call it a state, but that would imply that it abides by, and upholds the rights of the people as promised by the constitution) we can go to prison for demanding the equality to which we are entitled. I can also tell you – they are VERY likely to do exactly that to him. The love of my life will very likely be taken from my arms and imprisoned for at least a time to punish him for wanting to marry me. This is not something that should be allowed. We have written letters to eyes that will not see, and made phone calls to ears that will not hear. Our options are running short.


Marriage applicants face charges

On July 5th, a loving couple walk into a Dallas County clerk’s office to apply for a marriage license. They were engaged the previous spring when a ring was placed inside a pancake. Unlike many couples, however, this one knew they wouldn’t get a license. You see this couple, Mark “Major” Jiminez and Beau Chandler are gay in a state, Texas, that banned gay marriage in 2005.

Chandler and Jiminez

“We’re All Supposed To Be Created Equal” – Jiminez

The couple had considered travelling to another state to wed, but decided that there was little reason given that their marriage would be considered void at home. Encouraged by friend Daniel Cates with GetEQUAL to make a statement, Jiminez is quoted by WFAA-TV as saying “we live in a land where we’re all supposed to be created equal, and by them denying us our marriage, we are not created equal.”

Their Sit-In

After being denied a license by the Dallas County Clerk, the determined-to-get married couple staged a 60’s type “sit-in,” handcuffed their arms together and sat down on the office floor in front of the applicant line. The protest drew many gawkers, some of whom were tipped off by a Facebook page created before the couple entered the Dallas County Records Building. Laura Martin, LGBT Liaison officer for the Dallas Police Department, called Jiminez and Chandler “the nicest couple.”

What They Are Charged With

Jiminez and Chandler were charged with Criminal Trespass, a Class B Misdemeanor (usually political arrests are treated as Class C Misdemeanors). A Bond was set at $500. They are due to appear in court at the Frank Crowley Courthouse August 2nd where they could face a $2000 fine and 180-day jail sentence for Civil Disobedience.

“Demanding Equal Rights Is Not Really A Crime”

With this message on their mug shots, the couple is expected to draw throngs who will protest their sentencing on August 2nd.