5 Hottest Straight Allies for LGBT Rights

To many of us, it is evident that the only way the LGBT community will gain full equality is with our straight allies championing our cause. Fortunately, a long list of heroes have stepped forward – many of whom bring fans, followers and friends into our fight for rights. And, fortunately for us, some are smoking hot actors, athletes and brave teenagers. Here’s our compilation of our top hot straight and powerful allies:

1. Ben Cohen

The British former rugby player has stepped up to the plate with the founding of his StandUp Foundation, which “stands up” against bullying and homophobia in sports but also works tirelessly with other populations as well. And, well, Ben is eye candy who knows how to tease a gay or two.

2. Daniel Radcliffe

Daniel Radcliffe devotes countless hours as a frequent spokesperson for The Trevor Project, which provides intervention and suicide-prevention services to LGBT youth who are facing bullying and other issues. We all agree that Harry Potter has grown into a gorgeous man, but his work for our community makes him even more sexy. Radcliffe has said “Gay people should have equality in law everywhere … If you grow up as a young gay man knowing you don’t have the same opportunities as everyone else, you’re going to feel victimized and massive prejudice towards you.” Below is a recent PSA Radcliffe recorded for The Trevor Project.

 3. Zach Wahls

Zach Wahls first rose to our attention when he addressed the Iowa legislature in 2011 about his experience growing up with two lesbian moms. His testimony went viral and hurled him into the world of gay activism.

Most recently, Wahls has crusaded against the ban against gays in the Boy Scouts. While the organization voted to continue its ban last week, Wahls continues his fight for our rights. The articulate (and handsome) Wahl continues his activism as he endorses President Obama in the video below:

 4. Sean Avery

Sean Avery has played professional hockey for 9 years for the Detroit Red Wings, Los Angeles Kings, Dallas Stars and New York Rangers. In 2011, after he stepped up his support for marriage equality with the New Yorkers for Marriage Equality campaign, he lobbied the New York legislature to legalize same-sex marriage (which, BTW, was passed a year ago this week). Last year he told the New York Times: “I’m Sean Avery, and I’m a New Yorker for marriage equality. I treat everyone the way I expect to be treated, and that applies to marriage.”

While we appreciate Avery on the ice (and on our podium), he also looks great in underwear. Need I say more?

5. Hudson Taylor

Columbia University wrestling coach and Division 1 All-American wrestler Hudson Taylor founded Athlete Ally, a site he started “as a resource to encourage athletes, coaches, parents, fans and other members of the sports community to respect all individuals involved in sports, regardless of perceived or actual sexual-orientation or gender identity or expression.” He is a staunch believer that sports should be for everyone, and his nonprofit seeks to empower athletes to consider their status as role models and to avoid homophobia in their words. Watch Taylor below:

While this is a short list, there are many more hot straight allies helping us in our cause including George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Josh Hutcherson and Gavin Newsom. Who would you add to the list?

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