The Baby-Makin’ Music YouTube Playlist

Trans* and queer people can’t make babies? Okay, “Naysayers…” really?

Of course queer and trans* folks can make babies. People co-create babies…duh!

Anyhow, this mix doesn’t cover perfunctory, rote or mythical falsehoods. This playlist is all about…ahem. “Practice.”

Queer and Trans* imagery, entertainers and sensibilities are all up in this mix. You might call some of these tracks sensual or romantic. Tried to adhere to the ol’ “Keep it classy” standby, which only happened occasionally.

Sorry, not sorry?



Lost Bois – Against the Wall –

“Up against the wall. An after hours jam…”

Madonna – Erotica –

This was Mads’ most out-as-queer time period, and we’ve got all the pics and videos to prove it. Yaaas!

Raja – Diamond Crowned Queen –

As always, Raja is gorgeous. As always, this androgyne’s acolytes will follow her every command. That’s a given. Pleasant surprises include edgy costume changes, ultra-cool tempo changes and in-your-face lyrics like “S-e-x. Yes! Sex for dinner,” followed up by original lyrical play and twists. Extra kai-kai points, as Raven makes a guest appearance.

Kevin Mikal – Candy Yum Yum –

Aside from lyrical temptations, what’s also exciting about this video/song is Mikal’s unabashed fem presence with butch elements between the notes. It’s refreshing to see  more and more artists don’t feel tethered to any one extreme with sexuality or gender presentation. Yup: Willam and Honey Mahogany are also staring you down in that video.

“Peanut Butter” by RuPaul featuring Big Freedia –

– As in the video above, there’s no slowdown of the many men at “twerk” videos that continue to make their way to our screens. “Must be jelly ’cause jam don’t shake.” Thank you, Gay God!

Prince – Breakfast Can Wait –

As for the song? Baby-makin’ music–done deal. And the video? Just when folks thought he was repressing it, Prince reminds us that he hasn’t retired his gender play behavior—his sexually experimental, playful side, and so on. Imaginatively, crossdressing manifests in a raw and playful way here. Love this.

Jen Ro – Try It –

Girl, you had us at “I know you.”

Tegan and Sara – Closer –

Fluid and flawless. Sexy and adorable.

The Cliks: Oh Yeah –

Are you listening? Lucas Silveira is a troubadour. Heart on his perfectly-tailored sleeve. OMG! Now, run along and make it better. Hurry.

The Cliks: Savannah –

More on Lucas. Plus, he’s a crooner. A troubadour and a crooner. Don’t pass up a good thing, Babe: if you didn’t get it the first time, observe. “Take a look at what you’re missing… Just take off your clothes and touch the lips that you’ll be kissing….” Correct response would be “When and where? Oh..right here, right now?”

k.d. lang – The Joker

Well, k.d. explains it best. In her own words. Here’s her take on her version of this classic foreplay track:  “I always loved The Joker. Although it’s very, very macho and it’s very, very male. To me, this incorporates the drag of the song. To me, it was a very male song. So taking it and putting it on as a feminine cloak really was a lot of fun, and is the playful side of the record.”

Yes. Ma’am. All about that butch love…get into it.

Shyboy: Bird In Flight –

The song itself is “let’s go to bed” romantic, and the beautiful three-party relationship Shyboy and others reveal in the video feels somewhat obscured…you’re not quite sure who’s with whom and why…are these connections figurative? Spiritual? Liberal? No matter: it’s kind of none of your business, and it’s kind of erotic. All there for the pure pleasure of it. And moreover, it’s exceedingly kind—this love story unfolds before your eyes and Shyboy’s got so much swag, everything blends together perfectly. A love song…written for two people…with visual accompaniment. There’s just got to be some cooing in there, somewhere.


And here are the rest of your delicious selections:

Ani DiFranco: Pulse –

Luther Vandross – Never Too Much –

George Michael – Cowboys and Angels –

Queen: Get Down, Make Love –


To get the entire YouTube playlist, click this link.

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