This Is What Love Looks Like: How to Take Your ‘Best Shot of the Day’ Travel Photos

And Now For Something Completely LGBT…

National Geographic magazine’s Photos of the Day are stunning, filmic and take your breath away, no doubt.

But, clicking through Out Traveler’s newly launched travelers’ Shots of the Day,  you’ll find you’re in remote, exotic locales that represent queer travelers’ hopes, dreams, thoughts and love. You’re taken to a magical, relaxing getaway in a matter of moments. More to the point, you’re afforded a sweet little peek into a happy couple’s memory. They’ve shared their photo op with you, and you get a glimpse into “the soul of the trip:” they’re planning, their mood, and the reasons they chose to take a snap in that nanosecond of time.

You’re transported to many more destinations than the destination itself: you see possibility, desire, joy. You see yourself reflected.

Now, About Those Photographs…

With even the smallest tricked-out cell phone or iPhone, already we’re able to take technically brilliant photographs. Want the turbo-powered photographers’ stuff? Search for “best cameras for travelers” online and you’re all set.

But if you want to take memorable photos that take you back to your own, your fam’s and your crew’s best “You Are Here” wrinkles in time, here are a few rules for the road to keep in mind:

Take a camera everywhere you go. You don’t have to snap photographs or upload them every other minute, but you’re making memories, here! There could be a hidden path you and your Honey explore during a light hike, or an adorable book nook you discover in the middle of nowhere. You start to read, you take a breather, perfect photo op. Keeping a camera on hand helps. As long as you’re living in “travel journal mode” or “vacation scrapbook mode” rather than “Facebook/Instagram/Twitter Selfie mode,” you’ll be fine. In other words, don’t let “what will they think about this?” or “Eat it, betches” creep into your travel plans and photographs. Not cute.

It’s okay to take “boring photographs.” A run-of-the-mill or “typical’ picture of the California coastline is still gorgeous. A “hum drum” photo of Hawaiian dancers still captures the authentic moment. If you spend more time orchestrating the pictures than living in the moments, then you’ll come home to a ton of cheesy photos in your memory stick. You’re capturing moments so that you can savor the memories. You’re sending postcards to yourself. So just click, snap, enjoy and repeat.

Landmarks, tourist traps? Check. Scenic routes, off-the-beaten path spots? Check. Stay open to every opportunity: if a tour guide gives you options for lollygagging or a little off-roading, choose those options. Along the same line of thought, if you simply must circle ’round the Eiffel Tower and there’s no crossing it off the agenda, rather than griping about its infamous surrounding traffic, remember where you are…effing France! So meanwhile, stuck in traffic, don’t be such a drama queen, Queen: sing a made-up Frenchy-Frenchy song and ask, “Is there a photo op here?”

Got an extra camera on hand? Fiddle with your second cam’s features, extras and apps. If you find you have a little extra down time or waiting around time and have a second camera, mess with its settings a bit to take a stab at creating some artsy shots. Why do so with a second camera? You want to keep your main camera photo-ready at all times. You may tweak with your main camer’s features so much that you can’t un-tweak them! That’s a no-go no-no.

Hold off on the Instagramming altogether. This bears repeating: Instagram is already addictive when you’re at home, alone. It’ll be waiting for you when you get back home. Give it a rest and allow yourself a little mystery: if some photos turn out to be blurry or “imperfect,” oh well! Such is life. Do you really want to be staring into the lens or your phone instead of at a gorgeous skyline? M…kay.

Enjoy yourself. Solo travel, couples vacations and group tours are distinctly unique in scope and benefits. They provide unique ways to explore and to see the world. Try to have fun all along the way, even if for whatever reason, a disappointment or negative event happens. Appreciate your time away and the luxury of being able to travel, for however long. Your appreciation will also show up in your “photo finishes.”

Exotic, Romantic, Sexy, Adorbs: Queer Shots of the Day

Get in the mood, Darlings! Check out a few of Out Traveler’s Shots of the Day below.

Boyfriends at the “Golden Gay Bridge”

Partners Clothed and Happy at Hawaiian Nude Beach

An Adorbs Boy-Boy Couple in the City of the Eternal Spring

Dinosaur Eggs in the Rainforest!

On a Glacier in Middle Earth


Two snaps up: let’s see your pics, please.

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