Today In #LGBTHealth – New LGBT Health Journal Launches

“President Obama’s commitment to the gay and lesbian communities underscores the importance of providing them with the best healthcare options – both physical health and mental health.”

-Mary Ann Liebert: President and CEO, Mary Ann Liebert, Inc. Publishers

Today In #LGBTHealth – New LGBT Health Journal Launches

LGBT Health, a new peer-reviewed journal from Mary Ann Liebert, Inc. Publishers, has now officially launched this month.

According to their website, the academic healthcare journal concerning LGBTQIA issues “will identify crucial LGBT healthcare needs and the means to address them, providing a much-needed authoritative source and international forum in all areas pertinent to LGBT health and healthcare services.”

Mary Ann Liebert, Inc. is a renowned publisher specializing in scientific, technical, and medical fields, supplying peer-reviewed publications to the knowledge and information industries. This is their first LGBT-focused publication.

Its first editorial piece entitled “A New Era for LGBT Health” was written and published during LGBT Health’s soft launch in July. Written by Editor-in-Chief William Byne MD, PhD, it begins: “This is a historical moment for launching a journal devoted to LGBT health, and it is with great enthusiasm that we do so.”

He then goes on to establish the reasons for the creation of LGBT Health as well as reminding the reader of the fact that in the United States, the potential for universal healthcare is becoming more and more of a reality now that barriers to affordable healthcare have been lowered. He then goes on to detail how much more important it is that the LGBT community’s needs be addressed in light of these opportunities–both in the States and worldwide, where healthcare disparities are even more pronounced for queer populations, and in general.

His ending statement in the article ushers in a forward-looking and forward-thinking approach to LGBTQ-inclusive healthcare. He combines realism and optimism as he writes, “While much remains to be done, there are now many reasons for optimism concerning the health and human rights of sexual and gender minority persons worldwide. Support for LGBT healthcare equality from the principal health institutions and the highest levels of government in the United States and numerous peer countries has never been higher. Yet we should not be lulled into complacency by this recent progress. On the contrary, we must continue to organize locally, nationally, and internationally, to educate ourselves, and to redouble our efforts to ensure that we continue to move forward until LGBT health equality becomes a global reality.”

Other articles in the first edition of the publication reinforce their globally-inclusive mission: while the research focus begins in the United States, LGBT Health’s editorial team and contributors will share clinical studies and reports that help to inform and empower LGBTQ healthcare practitioners and communities worldwide.

Visitors can read this publication online in PDF or HTML/regular website formats.

Please click here to contribute to upcoming issues,  and click here to read the current issue of LGBT Health.


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