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Hi Guys,

I’m Ty Curious and I have just joined the crew at gayagenda.com . I have got to say that I feel very privileged to join such an amazing group of writers. I thought I would start off my first post by telling you a little about myself . I’m a 27 year old Gay Blogger from Australia.

My friends often refer to me as being “The Worst Gay” because I am unlike any other gay person they know. For me being “The Worst Gay” has been kind of difficult. I’ve often found it hard to fit in with groups of gay guys. I’ve never fit into any of the stereotypes, no matter how hard I have tried. I’ve been Twink Ty, Bear Ty, Queen Ty, Jock Ty and none of them ever suited me. I guess people could always tell that I was trying to be something I am not.
A few years ago I gave up trying to fit in. I gave up trying to be what I thought a gay man should be and just started being me. It was the best thing I ever did, not only was I a lot happier but everyone else loved it too. My friends now refer to me as “The Best Gay” because even though I suck at being all the things that people think a gay person should be, I’m the best guy to hang around. So I try to write about being the best gay you can be, about just being me and hopefully showing you that you don’t have to fit any stereotype or anyone else’s idea of what you should be, that being yourself is the best!

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