UK Radio Star Comes Out!

The UK’s national radio scene just got a good deal brighter as Nick Grimshaw takes over the mic at BBC’s prime flagship breakfast show on the public service broadcasters national Radio 1.  The second most listened to national station in the country.

The delightfully witty and intelligent 28 year-old presenter kicked off his first breakfast show by waking up floppy haired singer from top pop band Harry Styles live on air and has since woken up each mender of the 1 Direction pop group.

Nick, in a recent interview was more than happy to confirm that he is indeed gay and also admitted that he would “really like” to go out with US R&B singer Frank Ocean.   Grimshaw or ‘Grimmy’ as his fans call him, made the comments after the Guardian’s Alexis Petridis informed him about a fan-made website that wondered about the DJ’s sexuality.

Nick didn’t miss a beat with his reply,  “I’ve just not met anyone that I thought ‘oh, I really like you that much’. I work so much, when I do go out, I’d rather go out with my friends. I rather do that than, like, go out on the prowl. I literally can’t think of anything worse. I’d really like to go out with Frank Ocean…I think he might be whiny, though. Like, why have you not called me? He might be a bit wet. I think I’m just forcing that Frank thing…as soon as I decide, I talk myself out of it!.”

Nick has taken over from hypocrite Chris Moyles who angered may gay listeners and gay groups alike for his constant anti-gay jibes and jokes and was named “Bully of the Year” by equality charity Stonewall in 2006.

Questions started to emerge regarding Moyles own sexual identity after it was reported that he had been caught engaging in sexual activity in a sauna in the Milton Keynes area when he worked for Horizon. According to reports, Moyles was often at the  sauna playing with himself in a lewd manor and would encourage sexual activity. Moyles has always refused to answer questions on the matter.