#YesGawd | It’s All Butch #Lesbian Calendars: Get Yours While It’s Hot!

Hm…Now, About This Calendar…

Tomboys, Tomboi’s, Butch Queens, James Deans, Studs to Love and oh so much more….

If you’ve got holiday gifts or GIFs in mind, be sure to make your way to ItsAllButch.com to buy yourself a little soupçon first–start with 2014. Then of course, you’re free to share the wealth–backtrack and ogle all the previous years’ selections.


Touted as Florida’s leading lesbian calendar, the claim’s more than understandable: the delicious yang’ed up grrl-grrl smorgasbord features a diversity of images that are diverse. There’s nothing sexier than an accurate reflection of all the sexy people in the community. Y’know…all the colors of the rainbow.

Now there ain’t nothin’ wrong with a little beefcake—however, the It’s All Butch calendar line toys with your imagination, dreaming up 12 unique scenarios for the entire year. They traverse all terrains from the erotic and exotic to just plain romantic, so that you get the yummy bodies and butchy vibrations, but the women aren’t (only) pieces of meat.


About the Photographer


From the Website:

“A journey full of diverse life experiences has brought Debbie Boud to the place she is now… that of an emerging talent in the world of photography. Born in Manchester, Connecticut…Debbie has always had an adventurous spirit and an openness toward all subjects.

“This is evident in her varied work and volunteer experiences, such as working as a nurses’ aide, repairing vehicles in an auto body shop, and participating in Habitat for Humanity projects. Debbie’s shown she’s not afraid to get her hands dirty as she eagerly faces each project. In her current profession as a salaried service technician for a cable company, she has combined these skills with her intelligence into a winning combination which allows her more freedom of time and money to explore her creative passion… photography.

“It is as a photographer that Debbie has definitely found an outlet for her creative talents. She is self-taught and strives to continue her learning through researching, reading, and experimenting. Her subject content covers a huge range, including wildlife, landscape, structures, and portraits. In fact, her consummate skills in portraits led her into a calendar project for 2010 called “It’s All Butch.”

“Debbie is currently shooting portraits for the [next] calendar. Viewing Debbie’s photographs is a feast for the senses. Present in her imagery is a focus on the opposites found in everyday occurrences. As Debbie explains, ‘I can see the beauty, irony, and uniqueness of the ordinary images in our daily life and strive to capture this on film.’

“These contradictions reinforce each other and work to draw the viewer both intellectually and emotionally into the image.”


Visions of Sugarplums…Go Get Yours!

To inquire about appearing in next year’s calendar (Yes: please.), view and purchase previous editions or to buy your own and share the love, visit ItsAllButch.com.

Butch, Please: A Word from Deb.

Hello Jaye: [the calendars] started out as me begging people I knew to do it [lol!] and now they seek me out via the website.

I am located in Florida, but sometimes travel to CT…so it just depends.

I first used a butch contest on Myspace to attract people and gave the winner a spot in the calendar. That would be november of 2010… firefighter from Boston. [lol]

Thanks for your interest: if you have anyone interested in modeling send em my way….:)Deb

You heard the woman! Contact the artist at: http://itsallbutch.com/contact.html



And yes, Virginia—there is a video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZHpkmSrHbfs






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