The Campaign

There are some changes made if we take a closer look at the entertainment industry. No surprise I would say, since gay people are quite entertaining and fun themselves. Like literally, there is no great party without any gays around. First of all, we are always happy and second of all; we really love to dance! You can find us everywhere, especially within the entertainment industry. Just take a look a drag queens, they have made their populair position in night clubs and even stripclubs. Drag queens are the best and i can only show nothing but love to them.

There are so many countries that are supporting gays and transgenders. It still seems like it’s growing by day, which is amazing for everybody who is seeking for their freedom. In some industries it’s still hard to feel comfortable around other people, especially in the world of sports. They are still not accepting gay people that often, which is such a shame. However, we have noticed some changes within the casino industry. Gambling is also a part of the entertainment business, so we shouldn’t forget to mention it either. Recently, one really big casino published a hilarious gay supporting advertisement, what went viral immediately. The image that they used for the advertisement contained two kissing man who just won a slot machine jackpot. You could really saw their happiness, which was amazing!

The advertisement went all over the world through the world of social media and it was a major hit. The advertisement was a part of a gambling campaign called ‘Online Gokken In De Beste Online Casinos‘ and it was found to be the best campaign of this year. It was mainly sponsored by various gambling specialised in Täglich Freispiele, Blackjack & trading companies including and meer informatie over blackjack vindt u hier if you are interested. I’ve noticed so many good and positive reactions to it, especially because they had won the jackpot (wish it was me). This was just a start and the first advertisement of the fully campaign. I’ve been searching on the internet, because I had to know when the second advertisement would be published. It was all over the news, so finding more information about this ad wasn’t that big of a deal. I think i’ve found more than a 100 articles dedicated to this news topic, just hilarious don’t you think.

On this online magazine called Muuler they have wrote that the expected date will be around December, which made me so excited! They even said that the casino has made an announcement that the image will be even more scandalous. Could you imagine? This will be the most badass Christmas campaign that I have ever seen. Just think about it, gambling has an extremely bad reputation. Also gays can be found very provocative, so this is the ultimate combination to shock viewers. I really feel I have to support this casino, just because of the way they use their marketing on a global base. There aren’t really a lot of companies around who would actually dare to do this, that’s why I would like to thank them so much. With these companies, we can make a difference and shock people even more until they got used to this situation. Gays will always be gay, even if you like it or not!